1. ssb1551

    Deal on Xperia Z

    Xperia Z for 34K!!!!! Guys, check out a sweet deal on for Xperia Z : Sony Xperia Z How does it sound? Really!! no one is shocked to see the mobile at a throw away price??
  2. @ has been hacked

    I was looking for a web host & from Bazaar section I found out about And I was shocked to see it was hacked : I hope TDF members' hosting accounts are safe.
  3. M

    recovering data from

    hi, this is how it happened, last night there was a power failure and my computer was got off directly( without any ups in line) and i couldn't boot into winxp again. i thought of installing xp again but couldn't find the disc instead i found ubuntu 9.1, i installed it without reading the...
  4. V

    Download The Whole Internet

    I was shocked
  5. The_Devil_Himself

    Did you realise this!!

    I use firefox for browsing net.I use limited MB plan so I unmarked the option 'load images automatically' thinking that images won't be downloaded now.But it was not so,I saved a webpage when I was online and when I opened the page again it had all the images.So I guess firefox download all the...
  6. max_demon

    What the F...???

    when i saw that my processer speed is not shown in System properties box , i installed CPUZ but when i looked at HT link and Core speed , i was Shocked!! see the video , it is very strange !! Really , it Should be 2.2 Ghz , Strange !!!:mad::mad::mad: Here is the Video...
  7. Vyasram

    When will automatix be back

    ^^ i just made a new install of edgy ( my first successful one of this version) and i am shocked to find automatix dead, anyone knows when it will be back? :(
  8. eddie

    IE team sends Mozilla a cake for the upcoming release of Firefox 2?

    I simply couldn't believe it when I read this. It looked like an April fool's joke at first but then it is not April. Source: * Flickr: * Flickr...
  9. D

    help msn id hacked???????

    When i sign into msn it says "you're logged in to another machine" Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked am i hacked????????
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