1. tamatarpakoda

    Things Cut in Half Porn

    Everyone's on Reddit these days so might as well list out subs that some of us frequent a lot. Things Cut in Half Porn As the name suggests, this sub has images of objects from all walks of life sliced right down the middle. You'll find vehicles, baseballs, bullets (a lot of bullets), humans...
  2. Cyberghost

    Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program is a multi-genre game where players create their own space program. In KSP you must build a space-worthy craft, capable of flying its crew out into space without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship...
  3. GhorMaanas

    CCFLs and mini baybus for PC

    listed for sale are: - two white cold cathode light tubes, unused. have 3 pairs of them, out of which 1 pair i have tested. all 3 were bought together - 300/- each; not willing to ship them, due to inherent risk involved in transporting these tubes. - one pair of red cold cathode bubble...
  4. jaimin100

    shipment from USA to india

    hello mates, i m creating these thread because lots of camera acesories are avaliable at cheaper rate in USA. there are many website who provide service to ship product to worldwide. please discuss here your experince if u done.
  5. eggman

    [For Sale] Kindle Fire 2

    Hi Selling off Kindle Fire 2. It's in top condition and been used less than 20 hours till now. Condtion : 10/10 Price: Rs. 7,000 Transaction: Only Hand to hand sale, not wiling to ship it because of the risks. Location: Bangalore Reason for sale: Buying a Kindle Paperwhite. Check...
  6. M

    [Want to Buy] second gen i5 intel proccy

    I wanted to buy any second gen/third gen(ivy) i5 proccy.. i5 2300, 2400, 2500k or non-k. budget- within 9k warranty-preferrable to ship to hyderabad pm me your offers urgent necessity
  7. T

    Windows OEM Copy

    Hi Guys do you know how much the OEM copy of Windows 7 64bit will cost and where I can get it? Any online shops which ship it? Thanks :)
  8. funskar

    mb back panel missing

    mods as i don't know were to post thread .. plz forgive me.. i bought this gigabyte z68xp-ud4 motherboard from this guy here.. And recieved it yesterday from dtdc courier .. As...
  9. S shipping to india

    i am buying led monitor BenQ g2222HDL from its available for 150$ (7500 rs). do they ship to india? if not is there any alternate? THNX IN ADV
  10. R

    Is this real? :shock:

    Is this real? When I saw this on flipkart ,i could not believe my eyes :shock:.Hope this is not a mistake by Flipkart because afaik HP Envy 17 costs around 90k,if not i'm sure going for it.Hope they ship to Kolkata.What do you guys think? :grin: P.S:Can anyone please confirm the price of HP...
  11. D

    LCD Monitor 17" or more

    Hi I am looking for a lcd monitor with 17 inch or more size. If anyone selling and can ship to punjab,Please let me know...:smile:
  12. C

    Purchase from USA

    I don't know if this is right section and if already posted (I searched but found none) U can get anything from US, even if seller do not sell internationally Ship From USA
  13. JojoTheDragon

    God Of War 3 [USED] [PS3]

    Reason:-I'm done with the game do putting it up for sale. Game Condition:-Its condition is almost good as new. Will work fawlessly guaranteed. Shipping:- I will ship with DTDC or Blue Dart Price:- Rs1300/- SHIPPED. Non Negotiable. Contents:- Game Disc, Cover with box art, manual...
  14. A

    Nokia n900

    Hi guys... I want to buy a Nokia N900... If anybody has it up for sale.. contact me ASAP... I am from Chandigarh.. You would have to ship it to Chandigarh if you are from any other location...
  15. P

    Life Clickz a site to get free gifts(better than lockerz)

    What is LifeClickz? LifeClickz is the newest social network available at everywhere, to everyone, in everytime. You can chat and have conversations with friends, answer the daily questions, completing offers, posting status updates, inviting/referring friends, playing multiplayer games...
  16. rollcage

    Which Asian Shopping Sites Ship to India? Name a few!!

    Hi guys, I am wondering this for long which sites are there that ship the gadgets or products to India. We know that is good place to buy but sadly they dont ship to outside usa. is good but they have high shipping cost at most products. forget thats Indian site...
  17. H

    Online Shopping From US...

    Hi Everyone, I want to know that do Online US shops ship their stuff to India, especially computer hardware? I checked that doesn't ship computer products to India and neither does
  18. S

    FS:Brand New Unused 'Nokia 9500 communicator'

    For More Product Details & Specifications: Nokia 9500 - Support - Nokia India Location: Calcutta, it would be great to have the same city buyer,you can meet and have a look personally as well. Otherwise, I will ship it. Included: All the stuff which comes bundled by default in the box...
  19. S

    Plz Help:How to Ship a cellphone?

    hi everyone I want to ship a cellphone from Panipat(Haryana) to Kolkatta I went to DTDC couries service and they told me that they'll not ship so far in kolkata as airport authorities will not allow to ship battery (danger:explosive in nature) then i went to bluedart n they told that they'll...
  20. shaunak

    [FS/Trade] 128MB and 256MB DDR RAM

    RAM 256MB DDR-333 PC2700 Vendor: HTL Digital Warranty: My warranty: 3 days. Price: 300/- RAM 128MB DDR-266 PC2100 Vendor: Hynix Warranty: My warranty: 3 days. Price: 150/- Reason: Don't use these anymore. Shipping: On me. Will ship via India Speed Post. My location: Mumbai...
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