1. josin

    Room size Vs Tonnage requirement data Sheet

    This is a document from sharp.
  2. V

    IEM Tekfusion Twin Woofers FAQ?!

    IEM Tekfusion Twin Woofers Question/Doubt?! Hi guys, i have recently bought a pair of Tekfusion TW from Flipkart ( 2 Days Back to be exact ). When i opened the package the box wasnt sealed (meaning wasnt taped or any kind of that! and also it looked like it was already opened! ) and the plastic...
  3. paroh

    Senators demand that NSA fix inaccuracies in PRISM fact sheet (Update)

    * Update: The NSA has removed two fact sheets related to the PRISM program after receiving the complaint from senators Udall and Wyden, reports Politico. The fact sheets were intended...
  4. windchimes

    Question on excel/google spread sheet

    Hello geeks, Well, I am not an expert with excel sheet and need to make this simple formula to calculate one value. It involves the division of two numbers and then to multiply that answer by 100. How should I do this? Say columm A has an entry 50,000 and column B with 100 and I need to...
  5. curioustechy

    Hyperlink in excel

    I'm using microsoft excel 2010 I've a workbook with 5 sheets... in sheet 5 i want to create a hyperlink... the link goes to a cell, say A50 in sheet 1..... but i may delete a row in sheet 1... now the hyperlink goes wrong.... i want my hyperlink created in sheet 5 to get updated in...
  6. D

    Best photo printer for 6-7k

    Hello everyone, I want to buy a printer for printing A4 size photos and documents.budget is 6-7k, slightly flexible if getting something really awesome.Which printer will give good and crisp images on A4 sheet ?
  7. RCuber

    Precise Cut Metal Sheet

    I was wondering how to cut a thin piece of metal sheet. I have yet to source the sheets, I am looking for thinknes of less than 0.5 mm. should I try some of the custom sticker shops ?? my requirement is a very precise cuts. some tiny text ( 5-10mm ) and cliparts (~20-30mm). I can cut using a...
  8. maverick786us

    N900 Screen Protector

    My N900 screen is a fingerprint magnet. Is it really worth to spend 450 bucks for a screen protector? Fingerprints isn't a big concern but I don't want any scratch to happen to the screen. 1) I am not sure if there is already a plastic sheet that is covering the screen whe it is shipped? 2)...
  9. saurabh_1e

    case modding

    sorry i wrongly posted this in discussions i want to mod my cm 334 want to add a transparent side panel what i have learn till now is that cutting the desired shape need desired shaped acrylic sheet paste with silicon gel but what kind of acrylic sheet? how to cut the side...
  10. saurabh_1e

    help case modding

    i want to mod my cm 334 want to add a transparent side panel what i have learn till now is that cutting the desired shape need desired shaped acrylic sheet paste with silicon gel but what kind of acrylic sheet? how to cut the side panel ? total cost ? how to make spcae for fans...
  11. B

    I Have Doubt In Tally

    Hi, I Work In Stmarys Earth Movers( There Have Jcb , Js80,). Really I Want No--how Can I Use In Tally, When I Check Balance Sheet ,---customer Name, Time , Rate , Total, Advance ,balance By Biju
  12. T

    Solve excel problem & get RS premium a/c

    Hello guys, I want your help in excel.It may be related to vba or macro. Problem. I have one excel sheet. In that i have 4 sections. Section 1 1. For boys (name): A1 A2 A3 2 For girls (name): A5 A6 A7 A8 Section 2 Now in this section, there are percentage of the subject of the students from...
  13. M

    Excel sheet to sql server database

    Can anyone tell me how to transfer and pick data from an excel sheet and put that in the table of a database in SQL?
  14. blademast3r

    whats the size in pixels of an a4 size sheet??

    hey guys cud sm pls temme the size in pixels of an a4 size sheet... need it asap for takin cad printouts...
  15. V

    NFS MW Prob.

    Hi Friends, After completing "NFS : Underground 2" three-four months ago now I started playing "NFS : Most Wanted". After defecting "Blacklist#14 (Taz)", I got a new item i.e. "Rap Sheet". What is this "Rap Sheet"..??? And after when I return to "Safe House" I got a new option called...
  16. K

    Excel Sheet Doubt

    Hello Experts, I have 2 doubts in excel sheet. 1) i want to count no of colors i.e. how many rows/columns with blue color or red or white color. 2) i want to highlight particular column with some color if that value is set true/false pls help me out with this thanks in advance Krunal Mehta
  17. ravi_9793

    Funny answer sheet

    Looks at these answers.......simply awesome!!!! Great presence of mind. :D I got this while I was surfing other forum.
  18. dreams

    EMERGENCY - coding query !!!!!!

    This is what i need to do.some info come in excel is personal data info. A card #:abc Expenses:1.00 Expenses:2.00 expenses:3.00 B Card# cde Expenses:1.00 Expenses:2.00 expenses:3.00 Expenses:4.00 ..... Like this around 60 emplyees every month.expense details varies...
  19. NucleusKore

    Passport size photos with the GIMP

    GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages. It may be downloaded from * Here is a brief EASY...
  20. go4saket

    Dot Matrix Printer with Sheet Feeder?

    Hi guys! Is there any dot matrix printer which has a sheet feeder tray the way dot matrix and lazer printers have. What I actually want is that I can leave multiple loose sheets in the feeder and when a print command is given, it should automatically pull the paper from the feeder and do the...
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