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  1. aryayush

    My 'eDonkey server list is empty'? A problem with Shareaza.

    Hello! :) I have a problem with Shareaza. It says that 'your eDonkey server list is empty'. I have posted a pic of the error. It is here: http://www.tachypic.com/view/342 What should I do? Please help me fast! Thanks! :)
  2. ax3

    Shareaza & torrent searcher ! ! !

    r Shareaza & torrent searcher sa , SAME ???
  3. S

    Is SHAREAZA secure???

    Hi,, I till recently used BitTorrent for downloading torrent files.. Then I installed SHAREAZA because of its looks, skin and interface. Is it secure??? I mean what about viruses, and such other malware?? I have not started using itbut wanted to know how good and authentic it is??
  4. chinmay


    Shareaza is a peer-to-peer client for Windows that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular P2P networks. Shareaza is FREE & contains NO Spyware or third-party products. The 2.2 release comes with major updates/fixes/improvements for the program and the networks it...
  5. U

    Shareaza problem

    friends whenever i start a download in shareaza it remains pending ! and anyway if it gets active its transfer rate is only some bps like 123 or 456 max. Tell me what to do?
  6. U

    Shareaza to Azuereus

    i use Shareaza to search files on Gnutella 2. i got a file [e-book].i want to download it with Azuereus tell me how to do?
  7. S


    I have Zonealarm and Avast! pro installed on my computer. I am a heavy user of emule, Shareaza, Limewire and BitComet. Both Shareaza and Limewire use the same port 6346, and many a times they give me warnings that the port is firewalled and the downloading would not be proper. I cant find option...
  8. S


    Please guys help me out with these....I really want to utilise my SIFY unlimited connection properly!! -Why can't I connect to Gnutella 1 and Gnutella 2 networks simuntaneously using Shareaza? -Whats a Torrent File and how can it be dowloaded it? -Why does a warning come in Shareaza...
  9. S

    Upload >> Download

    it has been quite sometime since i've noticed that my computer is uploading much more than its downloading....i have a 24 hr sify connection @ 256kbps...since iam a heavy user of shareaza and limewire, i keep my computer switched on for some very long stretches....but even when limewire and...
  10. I

    Shareaza - The Best P2P Client

    This article was first featured on my blog at http://www.cyberia.in To start off, i'd like to mention the networks it supports - gnutella, gnutella2, edonkey2000, mesh, morpheus, bitorrent. They're probably five of the best p2p networks today, and shareaza searches and downloads from any of...
  11. I

    Beginner's Guide to P2P

    This article is intended for beginners to indroduce them to p2p. It was first featured on my blog [edited] P2P, Peer to Peer, is one of the most popular methods of sharing files over the internet. Because this is a website about applying technolgy rather than describing the technical stuff...
  12. T

    shareaza query..

    hello ppl, irecently started using shareaza for my bit torrent downloads..but i found that i was forced to download all the files even though i didnt want to download them all.. well if u havent understood it..let me explain suppose i am downloading a game which is of 2 cds..but i want to...
  13. B


    How on Earth do you use BitTorrent . I know about Shareaza...wat else??
  14. D

    Tcp/Ip Security Limit Problem

    i run a fully patched WinXP Professional with SP2 on an AthlonXP 1800+ with a ms-6367 motherboard.i connect to the internet with a external D-link DFM-560ES modem through a Dishnet account. I dwnld a lot of stuff using bittorrents through Shareaza my problem is that after i leave...
  15. devianthulk

    Doubt Clarification

    1 > Can i install Norton Antivirus 2003 with AVG 7.0 Professional on Windows Xp?? 2 > Also does Shareaza P2P software (distributed under GNU licence) come with any syware or adware?? Plz help.
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