1. S

    Need Valuable Suggestion for NEW AC in Kolkata

    Dear friends, I am going to by a new Split AC, 1 Ton ( as roomsize 11x12 ) , kindly suggest me which should be best in quality and in respect from power consumption and after buy servicing. Price range within 30k. 3 star - 5 star is ok. Looking for your suggestion.
  2. rahul_c

    [Query] Dell walk in service centre

    What is the usual amount of time does servicing of a laptop takes? My laptop has this problem -
  3. iinfi

    Bangalore Haiku Honda - Has anyone tried - HELP!!

    Has anyone had any experience with Haiku Honda in Bangalore? (Old Madras road.) i gave my unicorn (2009 model front disk rear drum) for servicing today with a note that i want the brakes checked. braking distance had increased marginally and i wanted to have it check immediately. the disk...
  4. hluachawngthu

    Systematic study of Mobile Phone!

    I am planning to learn Mobile Repairing & Servicing in my locality. Before getting admission, I want to know all about the course to be covered. Can anyone tell me most popular course of Mobile repairing n servicing. I will be very glad if you could tell me a complete syllabus for the same. If...
  5. harish_21_10

    Branded PC or Assembled?

    Hey of my friend wanted to buy a desktop PC so i wanted to ask if i should suggest her a branded PC or assemble one...i have knowledge about comp but she doesnt so which will be convenient for her in future for servicing and repairs and also cost effective? And also which brands...
  6. P

    Should I get a laptop form U.S.??

    Hi guys, One of my relative is coming to india(from US) and I am thinking to get a laptop from there. I wanted to know should I buy it from there or not, also which model should be apt. My main concern is that will I get the servicing in India or not. Budget: 40-50K(Rs) Thanks in advance...
  7. ax3

    Casio battery ! ! !

    want servicing for my casio watch , from where should i get it ? any casio service center in mumbai ?
  8. W

    DVD Drive reads CD but not DVD ?

    Hi all, My Samsung DVD ROM Drive reads only CD Disc it is not reading DVD disc.It has been working fine for One year the problem started a week ago it is not even showing the DVD contents on explorer will servicing the drive will do any good or i have to go for a new drive pls help me...
  9. vandit

    three slaps..... and the tray comes out........

    I have a LG 52x max CD ROM drive ---- 3 yrs old...... The problem is that on pushing the eject button the tray doesnt come out . An easy trick that I practice is just after pushing eject I give it three tight slaps and voila out comes the tray. Once the disk is in, the drive works fine, it...
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