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Beta applications for Microsoft's next game in the Flight Simulator series, simply called Microsoft Flight is open now. Head on to the following link:-


Official Website:- Welcome to Microsoft Flight from the Microsoft Games Studio!


So anybody here played the earlier games of the series? Would like you to share the experience. And what's your expectation from the new game?


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Well, the only MS Flight simulator I played was back in 1990. I could never really afford a proper flightstick for the series , if you can recommend one I'd be grateful.


I played Flight Simulator X last year.
Everything was fine but I never got on the line landing:-(


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Pre-order at Win 10 Store: Buy Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard - Preorder - Microsoft Store


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This is one of the best made game where they have covered the Entire planet :)
Hats off to Microsoft for making such a gorgeous game.
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