1. dashang

    need help in kendo Multiselect

    here is the reference Example of Server filtering in Kendo UI MultiSelect widget Now the thing is i want to add selected item after its being loaded . Since the data source is remote (acts like autocomplete) ,i cant attach it directly <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <base...
  2. T

    2.1 speaker within 4.5k

    I want to buy a 2.1 speaker for purposes mainly Audio>Gaming>Movie. My room is 12x12. Two options I selected are 1.Edifier C2 * 2.F&D A555U...
  3. kARTechnology

    Need Monitor > 22" LED

    I have a CCTV with 16 HD cams(records in WD1!), with World's no 1 DVR, Hikvision. so i need a monitor for that, as low price as possible and very good quality, VFM, (I like more Viewsonic, had 3 Samshit fail on me, but 1 running now.) but open to branded ones) -LED Backlit ONLY (NO CFL Please...
  4. flyingcow

    windows installation error please help please [urgent] :'(

    i recently built a new system with these following specs- 8350 m5a97 evo r2.0 wd blue 1tb 7950 w/boost sniper ram seasonic 620 w psu pc booted up to the bios in the first try. then i prepared a win 7 bootable usn, started to install, came to the screen whr we have to partition. it...
  5. bestpain

    readon 7770 hd ?

    i have selected readon 7770 hd (not oc version) in 9k.....was confused between nvidia 650 ti also(11 k).....i want to know which brand to buy sapphire,his,asus? and most important is about its there any service centre in India .....will they repair it ? if there is good service...
  6. R

    Water Purifier

    Hi guys I am gonna buy a Ro +Uv water purifier soon but I am little confused regarding which one to buy. My budget is around 15k so please suggest me which one should I buy? I have selected few. 1. Kent Grant plus 2. Pureit Marvella 3. Livpure Touch With Regards
  7. RCuber

    Airtel FUP Limit Warning

    I am getting this from past 2 days.. I have selected "you can continue as per your selected plan" but still the message comes back after say 6 hrs. its really frustrating as this page comes up in middle of browsing... :-x
  8. H

    GPU under 15k

    I'm assembling a new build. A latest hic about the gpu. PS- All the things mentioned below are not yet bought and will be mine by 2 weeks. 1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans:Currently selected is Corsair TX 600 2. What is your budget...
  9. V

    Hey Guys M Planning To Buy A Good In-Ear Earphones or Headphones Between Rs.4000-4500Rs.??

    I Have Done Some Research And Selected Some Earphones! 1)Klipsch s4 (Rs.4250) 2)Adidas Sennheiser CX 680i(Rs.4265) 3)Sony MDR-EX81(Rs.4400) 4)Sennheiser MX481(Rs.4400) 5)Sennheiser HD448(Rs.4300) 6)MonsterBeats Tour HiBass(Rs.3900) These are some of the options i have selected which fits...
  10. A

    need to buy a gaming laptop

    Hey guys and girls :wink: i am preparing to buy a gaming laptop which can run almost all games out there with high or medium settings i have a budget or Rs.50000 my main purpose for buying a laptop now is only for gaming needs but i have very less budget:-| i selected dell xps 15 laptop...
  11. pratik385

    Anyone from Cognizant Company?

    Hello everyone, Iam pratik. Iam selected in CTS in JAN. Can anyone tell me about DOJ?
  12. arunks

    Plz Help me to finalize out of already selected laptop models

    i have selected these models hp dv6-6016tx, dv6-3225tx, 6006tu, dm4 1204tu dell inspiron 14r or 15r range is 40-42K purpose is average for a simple user for watching movies, internet and office relarted work.. please suggest which one shuld be finally selected (preferably HP)???
  13. B

    How to store multiple values of CheckBoxList? in

    I am creating a webpage using I have inserted a CheckBoxList inside the webpage like below Interested in Friends Dating Business Activity Partners where multiple values can be selected when I click on the submit button,I want to store multiple selected values...
  14. F

    Help:genuine hp probook @ best price

    Dear All, This is by first post. Hope you will help me. My requirement is for Watching Movie and Surfing Internet. Budget is Rs.40000/- I have selected HP PROBOOK 4520S(Part No. xy434pa) without os (EXTENDED WARRENTY FOR 1 + 2 YEAR AVAILABLE) 2 year extension can be done @...
  15. M

    improvements in rig around 6ok

    hi, everybody! I want to buy a rig near 60k... i selected this rig , please suggest me any changes .. My main purpose is gaming and soft development.... Phenom II X6 1090T --- 14400 ASUS MIB M4A 78tE ---- 8000 Transcend 4 + 2 GB --- 4200 Seagate 1TB...
  16. Techn0crat

    How much hard drive space is really free?

    C: drives property is showing used space that is different than all of the folders selected together. P.S.hidden and system folders are visible. Uploaded with
  17. amit3987

    Upgrading CPU

    I need to buy a new CPU for a budget around 25K which will mainly be used for playin movies,games and photoshoppin .... i hav selected this config...... proc:i3 i530 mb: Dh55TC hd: 500 GB seagate RAm:2 GB kingston G.P.U: Nvidia Gts 250 or Ati HD 5670 P.S.U and cabinet not decided(pls...
  18. a_medico

    Selected sites don't open after dataone plan change

    I had 750UL plus home unlimited plan and I shifted to VAS home combo ULF 1499 unlimited plan from feb 1st. I was told that the new plan would require a 'line change' which was completed in 2 days. After this process, my username changed, which those dumb people took 4 days to figure out and...
  19. hluachawngthu

    Tell me about how to use Hiren boot CD 9.2

    In order to make my System more stable, I want to use Hiren Boot CD 9.2 for creating an image. But I do not know how to use. When I boot it from CD, I don't know which is to be selected and many others. Please tell me about the step-by-step instructions to use Hiren boot CD 9.2.
  20. IronCruz

    Graphic card

    Graphic card I want to buy a graphic card. My system configuration is Intel Celeron D 2.40GHz Gigabyte 8I845GVMRZ 300W SMPS 760MB of RAM I have selected (* as my graphic card. please tell me...
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