1. D

    4tb external hdd needed for storage

    4tb external hdd needed for storage ,i have these two segate and wd ,segate has bad reviews .now i dont know much about hdd stuffs,the 2014 version looks crappy of segate .and data failure rate is also high,on wd side i didnt find much,i need mainly for storage no performance,and should not fail.
  2. U

    gaming pc build suggestions

    can any one suggest me over the following configurations for assembled pc i5 2500K or I5 3570K .. gigabyte GTX 660 or HIS HD 7870.. mother board ASROCK Z77 EXTREME 4 (if any i would like to here from you,suggest me regarding this i dont know much about this).. smps 750W or can i...
  3. J

    Storage/ Hard drives

    hii guys am planning on buying a new internak HDD for my pc and i am slightly which one shud i buy?? WD or segate??? my requirement is <1TB, probably 2TB, high speed, not SSD, if possibe less heating budget around INR 8K.
  4. C

    will zebronics 450 w gold series psu wligible for following configuration

    I am going to buy a new gaming intel pc. configuration of the pc are given below plz tell me whether zebronics 450 w is reliable for this.. processor: intel i5 2400 motherboard: biostar tz68k+ Hard drive: segate 1 TB 7200 rpm drive monitor: benq 2222hdl cabinet: cooler master elite 335...
  5. Hsakarp_kahtap

    HDD issue

    I got a problem with my Segate 500GB (Primary drive ). Today morning when i start my PC is got disk boot failure error, so I checked it in my bios . My hdd is detecting but its showing 0MB capacity .and a strange sound is also coming for the hdd , I have a secondary drive segate 1TB . I...
  6. R

    [B]HELP - 3D LCD/LED Monitor for Computer?[/B]?

    I want to buy a new 3D enabled screen for my Computer... Recently i have following specs - Monitor - Samsung 740n Sync Master 17''. CPU - Intel Dual Core 3.00 GHz. MotherBoard - 82945GCCR Shocket L775. Graphics Card - XFX 9800 GTX+ 512 MB DDR3. HDD - Segate Barracuda (1TB+160GB)...
  7. L

    help needed buying PSU

    I have following config Intel i5 2500k (will overclock) MSI Z68A-G45(B3) MSI R6950 twin frozr III PE/OC G.skill 1600Mhz 4GBx2 Cooler Master 690 II plus CM hyper 212 Evo Segate 160GB HDD (will buy 1 TB when prices comes down) I am thinking of getting Corsair GS700,what you guys...
  8. bhasko28

    2 Segate 500 gb HDD install n partion....

    Hi Guys, Recently i have purchased a 2nd 500 gb HDD from Segate, and i already own 1 500 gb of HDD but i would like to know how to install the second 500 GB and make a partition??? should i go for a RAID config or just the simple install....what would you suggest....i would like to make a...
  9. B

    Recoved Data from Segate Freeagent

    suddenly my segate freeagent 500GB stopped working everytime i connect the device the system freezes, but somehow i managed to run stellar recovery on the drive by plugging the USB in-and-out a few time but stellar failed to find a logic drive on the device..can some1 please guide me how i...
  10. K

    Help me about the issue

    pls help me i brought yesterday new pc i7 950 with stock cooler gigabyte x58-ud3r ram-1600m hz 6gb galaxy 8400 512mb (temprorly instaled graphic card) corsair 850TX CM HAF-932 500 GB SEGATE SATA HDD I have already have xp(32 bit) in hdd so when i am running pc windows loading it is...
  11. napster007

    1 tb segate hdd problem...please help

    i was previously having a 80gb (sata 1) hard disk installed on my PC. Recently i bought a new segate 1 TB hdd(sata 2) for the pc and for a few days it ran perfectly and then later, my OS (xp) crashed and had to reinstall it. Later after removing the 1tb the pc runs fine, but once i plug in the...
  12. ankushkool

    Segate 500GB External HDD + Kingston 2GB pendrive + Quickheal

    I am selling 1.5 year old 500GB Segate FreeAgent. reason : got myself a 1TB Brand New sealed Kingston 2GB pen drive reason : got as gift QuickHeal Antivirus (Sealed) with 6 months subcription reason : already using another antivirus All above for I am expecting somethin around 2600/-...
  13. techking_dinesh

    problem wid segate 80gb HD

    My friend is undergoing this problem As soon as he starts the pc the option screen comes wid 4 options normally,safe mode,wid command prompt & wid networking. Selecting any option restarts the pc and brings us back to the same screen i tried my hd on his pc and it worked fine i tried his hd on...
  14. S

    Saving Data from a crashed HDD??

    How can I retrieve data from My Crashed ( detected by Bios & Device Manger- volumes show blank:confused:) but not visible in My computer. The Drive is a SATA 250GB Segate on an AMD system in a RAID O array with only pure Data:(
  15. ankushkool

    For Sale 500 GB Segate Free Agent Ext HDD

    For Sale 500 GB Seagate Free Agent Ext HDD i hav a one month old 500 GB Segate Free Agent Ext HDD with 3 yrs warranty. i expect Rs.5000/- price negotiable. For sale in MUMBAI only call me at NO PERSONAL DETAILS
  16. chicha

    HDD drives detected as removable drives

    My friend faces this problem(he calls it problem as he is fed up with it), He has a 160GB SATA segate HDD. every time he boots his pc, his hdd is detected as removable drives and all his drives are then detected individually. why?
  17. ruturaj3

    Onboard Sound

    I am going to buy Asus M2NPV-VM and Altec ATP3. It is having onboard sound as SOUNDMAX , is it sufficient or good enough for my speakers. Also i am confused between HDD from WD and Segate. I want a 250 GB...
  18. R

    Is 500VA UPS enough or go higher?

    Read an old thread quite a lot of info but asking again a question to be sure answers are applicable to my new config. 400 watts zebronic SMPS 20+4 pins Cabinet fitted with 5 fans C2duo 6300 (will be over clocked)...
  19. R

    Is 500VA usp enough or go higher?

    Read an old thread quite a lot of info but asking again a question to be sure answers are applicable to my new config. 400 watts zebronic SMPS 20+4 pins Cabinet fitted with 5 fans C2duo 6300 (will be over clocked)...
  20. J

    New 200GB Segate SATA HDD making noise......

    Hi, I got a new system with 200GB Segate SATA just one week back and it makes noise whenever harddisk gets activated. Actually my distributer replaced me with a new harddisk, though I check it in his place itself I did't get any noise but when I installed in my Home PC again I am getting the...
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