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  1. S

    Elan Touchpad scrolling Problem

    My touchpad scrolls too much in certain software, specifically the mendeley application. I tried reducing scroll speed, and all the general things that can be done to reduce the speed of scrolling. The changes I make has effect on other areas like general explorer scrolling or in Mozilla etc...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Logitech G400 Problem?

    Hai, I have a Logitech G400 Mouse which was bought in April,2012. The problem is that when I use the scroll wheel it makes a clicking sound and that sound has increased now otherwise it is working perfectly. What is the cause of that clicking sound? Is it normal for all others who are using...
  3. sahil1033

    Lenovo E49 touchpad error

    Features like scrolling down and swapping running applications in Windows 8 is not working, what to do? p.s. - It's my first time with Windows 8, so, sorry for being a noob.
  4. K

    Problems with scrolling and startup

    My laptop has started behaving strangely since few days. First I faced the scrolling problem, whenever i m in the middle of some web page or document, suddenly the mouse pointer jumps to the start of the page and then it refuses to go down. The pointer keeps going to the top even if I keep...
  5. H

    samsung n100 with windows 7

    I have a samsung netbook in dual boot mode with Meego and Windows 7. Though I could get most of the components working, I am not able to get the touchpad scrolling work in windows 7. I have tried various drivers like from n110 etc. without any success. Can anybody help me? Sharkrao
  6. H

    touchpad drivers for Windows 7 in samsung n100

    I have a samsung netbook in dual boot mode with Meego and Windows 7. Though I could get most of the components working, I am not able to get the touchpad scrolling work. I have tried various drivers like from n110 etc. without any success. Can anybody help me?
  7. Rahim

    Sluggish scrolling in Opera

    I have been facing very slow/sluggish vertical acrolling with Opera 10 for quite some time on some sites. Many of us here at TDF use and boast about Opera and if anybody has any solution? I have searched Opera Forum and found this Opera 10.60 and scrolling - Opera browser - Opera Community...
  8. desiibond

    Apple magic mouse. Now, this is innovation.

    Seamless Multi-Touch Surface Magic Mouse — with its low-profile design and seamless top shell — is so sleek and dramatically different, it brings a whole new feel to the way you get around on your Mac. You can’t help but marvel at its smooth, buttonless appearance. Then you touch...
  9. T

    Synaptics Adds Mac-Like Gestures to Touchpads

    Synaptics, the driver provider for the majority of laptops with trackpads, is rolling out an upgrade that allows for two new types of finger movement and application control. Similar to MacBooks, the Synaptics upgrade lets touchpad users flick two fingers across their pads to scroll through...
  10. S

    computer getting hang

    hello i've just installed zone Alarm . i've AVG installed in my machine. i've windows xp professional with sp2 in my lenovo laptop after that my machine is getting hanged while scrolling also. is there any compalibity problem with ZA?
  11. N

    Buying A PSP , Recommend some games

    I'm gonna buy my PSP this weekend so which games should i pick up ? I'd like some side scrolling action too besides the usual action-adventure kind of stuff..
  12. B

    Dell Monitor

    Happy new year to all.. after getting all the GURUS opinion i purchased Dell sE198WFP 19 inch wide monitor.. it works nice.. but when scrolling i am getting headache.. is there any setting that will be nice to my eyes.. thanks..
  13. blackpearl

    The webpage that never ends

    Have you heard of the site called Thoof. Its similar to digg.com. This quote is from their own website: http://www.thoof.com/ Now the interesting part. Click on the above link to take you to Thoof's home page. Now scroll the page to the end. As soon as you do this, the page elongates and...
  14. Cyclone

    Downloading Flash Content onto your pc...

    I'd like to know if there's any way to download those Macromedia Flash videos that you come across on websites, onto your pc. Also, those scrolling text updates. Is there any software that allows you to copy that entire stream onto your pc?
  15. blackpearl

    Opera trick: Eliminate horizontal scrolling

    Sometimes you might have come across websites that are too big for your monitor, especially if you are still using 15" monitors at 800x600 resolution (like me) or have a vista sidebar that eats into your desktop space. If you use Opera to browse the net then there is small trick to eliminate...
  16. S

    Help with Drivers

    I have a nvedia 6200 graphics card. i recently re-installed xp. but i seem to have misplaced the driver cd for the card and as a result my display is not proper and scrolling is not smooth. can anyone tell me where can i download the drivers from?
  17. M

    output video from comp 2 tv along with scrolling text(urgnt)

    hi all i need to give the video output from my comp to a tv and also need to run scrolling textat the bottom. what all things do i need. what software is required.? pl reply soon. TIA manmay
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