1. C

    Help with generating dtmf tones with rasphberi pi

    So I'm trying to use a rasphberi pi as a home automation device for a college project... What I'm trying to do is basically this- 1.The pi hosts a webpage 2.Clicking on the website's buttons from a client machine triggers a script, which plays a dtmf tone over the headphone jack. 3.Another...
  2. M

    Tikona broadband auto login from Raspberry pi / linux using shell script

    Just thought of sharing this script to automate Tikona login process. if you are using Raspiberry pi as router, you can set this as startup script to login. Replace userName & password. LoginURL=$(curl | grep -Po 'URL=\K[^"]*') curl -c cookies2 --sslv3 $LoginURL...
  3. kartikoli

    Extracting details from Linkedin through a given search url

    I have been working with few people to copy paste details from Linkedin and post them on google spreadsheet This is how Its done Now someone told me that this can be done using a script so would like to know if this is possible and if yes can...
  4. M

    Help Needed! Programming / Scripting

    Hi Everyone, I guess you could call me a novis, I have not been doing much programming / scripting. I use Keepass to run lots of scripts fo daily tasks that are repetitive, most of the scripts I have written for Keepass are about 2000 words / inputs long. Most of my scripts are the same...
  5. G

    script fault on every web page

    Hi, I am getting a script fault on almost every page I open in firefox. (Unable to attach either jpegg/pdf files !) Also a popup many times asking me to download the ilivid download manager. Specs: Win Vista, Firefox 19.0.2, Dell Latitude D630. Mcafee Pls help.
  6. harshilsharma63

    Greasemonkey Script for TDF Dark Skin Improvement

    Hello. I'm developing a Greasemonkey user script for improving the not-so-good dark skin of digit forum (TDF). I've completed the script for the forum's home page and would love to hear your feedback (and other stuff) about it. I'm a little busy right now so the modification of other parts of...
  7. rickenjus

    Can a script be written for this task??

    I don't know how to write a script, I wonder if a script is possible for this task..?? I want to fetch all links from a webpage and then I want to edit them except few in the following way - say, this is the link --> http:/www.*.com/abc/xyz replace "xyz" portion of the link with...
  8. speedyguy

    Run Unix shell script from Perl (Windows)

    My local machine is Windows 7, the unix shell script I need to run is kept in a unix server(I log in via putty to access it). Now this is how I worked so far- 1> Created a perl script in windows local which has to code to login to putty with authentication and call the shell script. (used...
  9. M

    windows 7 getting strucked while logging to facebook,need guidance

    folks, now a days,while logging to facebook,my system getting hanged for few sec to minutes.after that getting some un necessary comments like "UNRESPONSIVE SCRIPT" pls guide me,how can i fix my problem?? waiting mobileman
  10. speedyguy

    Help: Java Application Development

    Hi, I am presently starting from scratch to create an application that would call a perl scrip and the perl script in turn would perform some informatica commands via unix shell script (not important if you did not understand this at this point). So basically, I need to have a UI (to be...
  11. A

    Android displaying external sd card in mnt/sdcard/ and internal storage in mnt/emmc/

    I rooted my galaxy S2 and flashed Cyanogen 9.1.0. Then my 32 GB external SD Card was not displayed in the file explorer and the reason i read was Cyanogen reads only FAT32 , So i formatted my External SD Card. But again external sd card contents were shown in mnt/emmc/ and not as...
  12. C

    Is it possible to execute a PHP script using a command line?

    Could you explain how to execute a PHP script using command line ?
  13. gdebojyoti

    Social Engine script - original or not?

    Recently there have been many social networking sites which are being developed by using ready-made scripts like Social Engine. Is there any chance that these scripts may contain some malicious code or backdoor? Also, is there a way to say whether the copy of the script which a particular site...
  14. mohityadavx

    PHP script not working on XAMPP

    I have a PHP script which works well when I upload it to my website but it is very resource heavy and mys site is on free hosting so I dint wanna use it there so I tried to run it on XAMPP ( I am using college wifi hence high bandwidth) However when I try to run the PHP script I get this error...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Quillpad Javascript help

    I want to integrate quillpad widget in a webpage. But I want to make a small change. In the quillpad widget, the default language is Hindi (or whatever language had been selected). I want to change the default to english. The widget gives a toggle option, by pressing the toggle button it can be...
  16. S

    reading a file and sending mail by shell scripting..?? Plz help urgent..!!

    hi I need help urgently...i need to write a shell script which can solve the following problem....its urgent plz help me out coz m totally newbie in shell scripting.... the problem is: Suppose I have a folder called logs. whenever some error occurs some correspondence error file is generated...
  17. K

    php help (preg_match)

    I have a problem in PHP regarding preg_match/preg_match_all funtion. This is the sample script: <?php $u_agent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; if(preg_match('/MSIE/i', $u_agent)) $ub = 'MSIE'; $known = array('version', $ub, 'other'); $pattern = '#(?<browser>' . join('|', $known) . ')[/...
  18. shakti

    Remove script running from startup of windows xp

    Hi, I m using windows xp having licence version of kaspersky internet security 9.0 installed. My system is infected with a script running each time when i start pc. that script runs through wscript.exe file. when i kill that process from task manager then that script killed. I have...
  19. Z

    User Accounts prob in WIN XP.

    Can u help me out? I get a IE script error in the User Accounts page in the Admin. account. in Win XP.
  20. probir

    web space for sale

    i want to sell web space .... @ Rs. 1000 yearly. 99.99% up time. if interested then contact with my e-mail address... 100% secure, reliable, best....... specification We own, manage and maintain our own 'load balanced' clustered hosting network. Consisting of powerful Quad CPU Xeon...
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