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  1. R

    samsung corby GT-B3410

    i own a samsung corby GT-B3410 mobile, any idea where i can get a pdf reader for this mobile? also need screensaver for this mobile??
  2. Anorion

    Preview [October 2009]

    Here you go, Diwali special this month: Magazine Contents Enter Industry Connect Bala Parthasarathy, MD (APAC) – Snapfish Buzz HP’s DreamScreen, Microsoft’s open source initiative and more Connections Web Watch From anonymous browsing to Monopoly, insights into your world...
  3. Samystic

    screensaver for series 40 phones

    Hi! for all nokia phones we have an option to set a digital clock as a screensaver... the default clcok updates itself regularly... however if we keep a flash file as a screensaver it won't. can any1 tell me the reason behind it? also is there a flash file which will do the same as the default...
  4. S

    matrix screensaver???

    can someone tellme to write codes for matrix screensaver using C/C++
  5. debiprasad_sahoo

    Unable to install Kismat Konnection screensaver

    When I am trying to install Kismat Konnection screensaver in my windows vista machine, it shows one error "Can not create destination folder". How to solve this problem and install the screensaver?
  6. vagish

    SWF as screensaver for xp pro

    Hi Is it possible or how can we set a swf file (flash file) as a screensaver in windows xp pro. please give me the details for it. thanks
  7. VarDOS


    Hi Friends I Have 17" WideScreen. Recently I Have Downloaded A ScreenSave From SantaBanta. I Installed It And When I Previewed The Screen Saver The Transitions Are Not Working And Then Showing An Error Report Can I Able To Play The ScreenSaver? Thanks
  8. S

    screensaver tab is missing

    In my Display properties, the screen saver tab is not found.....I am not able to set the screensaver now....help...
  9. P

    My desktop is stuck

    My desktop frequently gets stuck & explorer.exe uses too much memory when its stuck All this started after i had downloaded a screensaver & animated desktop theme from the web.I hav uninstalled them from the system but the problem is still there.suggestions anyone?:(
  10. ax3

    Screensaver softy ! ! !

    any1 using\used screensaver creating softy ?
  11. Q

    Best Compression I have ever seen - How did they do this?

    I discovered something strange when downloading the free MOPY screensaver from HP. (you can Google it yourself and test it out) The download file is only 1.30MB (it was originally made to be easily distributed on FLOPPY (yes Floppy) disks) and uncompressing takes a long time (for such a...
  12. expertno.1

    Cypher Vista for S60 v2, v3 & windows mobile

    Have you been bored by the themes in your mobile ? Have you been bored by the same way of opening apps and messages ? I have the solution for you ! get this kind of screen on your mobo .....n70 n72 6630 n73 + Windows Mobile and all having flashlite . 176x208 pixel display...
  13. Gigacore

    Flight Simulator X Screensaver

    Liven up your desktop while you're away with the Flight Simulator X screensaver, and in the process let everyone know where your thoughts wander. The screensaver features several breathtaking views taken straight from the game. To install, simply download the zip file to your desktop, unzip the...
  14. C

    n70 screensaver

    hey guys i downloaded this screensaver on my n70 but it turned out to be a gif image file. though it is animated i can't understand how to make it the screensaver. it is not available as an option in the edit theme screensaver option. please help thanx
  15. alsiladka

    Animated Desktop on Windows XP

    Found this app on JoeJoe's Forum. It is not perfect, but still anythings good. Just run this tool and select the screensaver you would like to be playing on your desktop. Ya, you can only display screensavers on your desktop. Plus, you will not be able to view your desktop icons if you use...
  16. n2casey

    Get 3D Album & Screensaver Softwares for free

    Get My Pictures 3D Album My Pictures 3D Screensaver for free. These softwares were shareware before but now you can get these softwares for free. A collection of galleries is also available. Here are the screenshots More info: My Pictures 3D Screensaver My Pictures 3D Album...
  17. anandk

    GET Solar System 3D Screensaver FREE !

    "Have you ever dreamed of getting a chance to see the rings of Saturn and the Asteroid Belt? This screensaver is an outstanding 3D model of the solar system. Every planet is there along with its satellites and even a small info graph with basic facts. All the proportions and trajectories are...
  18. T

    Website ScreenSaver

    Now get a screensaver for your wesbite. Hold on your mouse and keyboards for 5 seconds and behold a screensaver runs on your website, and no its not your window/linux screensaver, its a screensaver for your website. Enjoy!!! Check it here www.techbirbal.com
  19. ax3

    Screensaver software ! ! !

    any good software 2 create screensavers ???
  20. M

    how to lock NOKIA 6610i

    i want to lock the phone.I want that every time the phone starts it gives a password option. or something like screensaver option wheree a password is asked when screensaver mode is closed.
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