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  1. W

    Teen, 2 others set up fake SBI branch, held

    Source: Teen, 2 others set up fake SBI branch, held | India News - Times of India Now this is what I call truly "aatmnirbhar" :lol: @Desmond David @Nerevarine @Vyom @SaiyanGoku @theterminator @quicky008 @chimera201
  2. B

    [Views] Amazon.IN - Order Declined but payment debited......

    Just ordered the Logitech k380 keyboard through Amazon India via SBI net banking, payment has been debited but the order is declined due to the bank didn't confirm the payment or so. Actually, when i paid the amount and click on the return to merchant site button on SBI net banking, the session...
  3. tkin

    Any TATA Credit Card users here? Need help

    Hey guys, If there are any TATA Credit Card users here I need your help. I have two questions. 1. TATA Card is a partnership with SBI card, so does SBI card offers apply for TATA Cards? Like the upcoming SBI Card offer in Flipkart Big Billion day sale? Reference...
  4. seamon

    [Rant] SBI is trash.

    SBI foreign travel cards are trash. They don't work anywhere. You can't shop online with SBI forex cards. HDFC International Debit cards are the best imo.
  5. Ronnie012

    PO in SBI?

    kindly delete this thread ........................................kindly delete this thread..........................................
  6. D

    DTH recharge from SBI freedom!

    Anyone! How to recharge DTH (airtel) from SBI freedom! What to fill in merchant name? Merchant data ( , separated), amount (min. and max.)! Thanks!!
  7. M

    sbi clerk exam

    how can we pass sbi clerk bank exam? What kind of preparetion should do?
  8. pkkumarcool

    {HELP) Sbi debit card,3d secure and otp

    Hey guys i just got my new bank account.I got sbi visa debit card.I registered my fathers mobile no. for the account.My father already have sbi mastero card atm registered with the same no. the mastero card work perfectly for transaction and is 3d secure ready.But when i try to register my new...
  9. Cyberghost

    SBI card credit limit?

    Hello digitians I got a card from SBI against FD.They said that my credit limit will be 90% of the FD.But after getting my card. I have seen that the credit limit is 74% of the FD. Is it is some mistake do I want to call customer care for this.If u have similar experiences please share...
  10. Cyberghost

    SBI Advantage Gold & More Card Help!!

    Hello today I've applied for this credit card.I have a doubt if I don't use this card can i get any bills or credit card statements or rents for non usage. Please help SBI card users. Annual fee of this card is 499 INR
  11. akhilc47

    How to purchase windows apps?!!!

    Hi, Does anyone know how can one purchase windows phone apps from store. Recently I played trial version asphalt 7 and it seems worth buying. But Windows having such a few quality apps doesn't offer many payment options either!! It's 55rs only, and seems like a well made game. So I really wanna...
  12. Cyberghost

    How to transfer international funds through sbi internet banking?

    Hello I want to transfer some money to entropay,monetbookers and payza. I see that sbi net banking has an option of international funds transfer. I want to know that this thing will work or not. If work how long it take to reflect in the entropay or others. Please help!!!
  13. M

    How to withdraw freelancer.com balance

    Okay guys just tell me about this: I have recently made an account at Skrill. I have added my SBI bank account by adding its swift code and my account number. Now the bank's been added in the list. Now can I withdraw funds directly into my SBI bank account? Or is there anything else I would...
  14. Cyberghost

    Entropay help!!

    I recently joined the entropay. I want to know how to fund my card with sbi online banking international fund transfer. My sbi maestro card don't work in entropay becoz of the restriction of RBI. PLEASE HELP
  15. ayushman9

    IT Job vs Job as SBI PO

    I completed my MBA after be from a reputed govt college & got placed in Infosys as Asscociate consultant .Currently I am getting in hand of about 48k per month . Now in the mean time I had been givinf PSU/PSB exams like IBPS/SBI etc .I have qualified & also managed to crack the interview of IBPS...
  16. Revolution

    SBI Yuva Debit Card

    Hi, Wanna know if there is any advantage of SBI Yuva Debit Card over regular sbi debit card ? Any disadvantage ? What's the eligibility ? Can I change from regular debit card to Yuva without any problem ?
  17. Empirial

    Paypal with SBI [Urgent]

    Hi, Is it possible to signup a paypal account using sbi platinum international debit card? Some of my friends are successfully using paypal with hsbc & axis international debit card. Regards.
  18. D


  19. bubusam13

    Internet Explorer 9 :(

    Hi, SBI net banking is not working in IE9. After I entered username and password, I can't login. SBI net banking is working well in IE8 and other browsers like mozilla. Have u noticed it or its only with me ?
  20. S

    Paypal Balance

    I want Paypal balance in my paypal account i dont have a credit card, i will pay you via sbi netbanking, any trusted member contact
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