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  1. BakBob

    Need unlimited broadband in Santa Cruz

    As the title suggests. Can anyone suggest a good ISP with unlimited use in Santa Cruz West Mumbai? Thanks for suggestion!
  2. T

    santa cruz area best net provider ISP

    i am soon shifting to santa cruz and want to know which will be the best ISp there. ISP with LAN are preferable. if not then only the ones with good unlimited data plans.
  3. The_Devil_Himself

    'Dirty Santa' by Microsoft....LMAO

    A lots of people must be knowing that Launched a 'Santa program' through which kids can talk to Santa(bot driven by artificial intelligence) by adding northpole@live.com to their Windows Live Messenger contact list.But it seems it wasn't our regular good\happy Santa that M$ was talking about but...
  4. P

    shud i wait for INTEL SANTA ROSA

    guys i hve to buy a laptop , i hv options from HP nd Toshiba . bt i guess in delhi we hvnt gt notebooks , with intel santa rosa platform. i just wanna ask dat shud i wait for santa rosa notebooks or shud i buy da ones availbe at present ? nd plz suggest a notebook b/w hp 6314 ( 15.4'...
  5. gxsaurav

    Macbook/Pro Updated with Santa Rosa

    This just in. Apple store went down some time ago & now it is up. We now have updated Macbooks & Macbook Pro's with faster Santa Rosa platform from Intel & finally DirectX 10 for those using Boot Camp & Vista in the form of Nvidia 8600GT Mobile alongwith LED Backlit display Prices are as...
  6. techtronic

    MacBook Refresh Doesn't Have 'Santa Rosa'

    Apple has refreshed its MacBook line of laptops, but unfortunately the new machines are already looking a bit out of date. Apple's announcement came a week after Intel's introduction of the "Santa Rosa" update to Centrino -- but the platform isn't included in the new MacBooks...
  7. gsoul2soul

    Santa Claus has promised...

    Well A Frenly Santa Claus has promised me some goodies... :D He is my best fren, studing in Korea!!! Now I want an MP3 player (he he he, so easy to demand) Anyways till now, i have been abusing this lil guy "A meger 128 MB basic Mp3 player", which was a hand me down affair (a fren gave it...
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