Which 19" WLCD - Samsung, LG or Viewsonic

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Am buying a new rig and have to decide on a widescreen 19" LCD for the monitor.

The dealer is giving me 3 options - Samsung, LG and Viewsonic. Samsung and LG are around the same price and Viewsonic is somewhat cheaper.

Firstly, is Viewsonic's performance inferior in any way to Samsung's or LG's?? Which one should I go for. Also any suggestions on the model no.?

Budget is the minimum possible as I have already overstretched myself a bit in other peripherals.


wat models is the dealer offering u?post the model nos here and do a model specific search in the net.compare their reviews.u'll be able to decide for urself.


Viewsonic isn't inferior. Got a 19" some days back for 9.8k after getting a few reviews. It's really good. It also gives 3 years' on-site warranty like other providers.

But you can have a look at this thread too. Someone is having problems with viewsonic. Don't know whether the problem is with monitor or graphics card. Read the thread for more details.


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Am kinda planning to for Raghu's Dell GO. The total cost for the Dell E198WFP is coming up to be about 11,500 after shipment, taxes etc. Also there are no surprises coz DVI cable etc is included. Only thing is it'll take about 15 days but I guess better safe than sorry.


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Had problems twice with my one year old Viewsonic VX922. But each time it was collected from my residence and received brand new replacement by courier. Performance is excellent. (2ms, no dead/stuck pixel etc.)


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Hey cybertragic... If you have Dell in mind.. i suggest u, to go with that dude..
U'll have peace of mind with it.. even if there is some problem... DELL's Support is EXCELLENT.. no second thoughts in that..

R u getting the monitor for 11.5K? whn i saw it 10 days back, it was 14K!!!
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