1. Plasma_Snake

    AMD build for sale!

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: AMD Athlon X2-250, MSI 880GMA-E45, HIS Radeon HD5570 Expected Price: 2K+4K+2.5K+3.5K=Rs 12,000/- Time of Purchase: 12th Jan 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes Reason for Sale: No need of...
  2. K

    Asus Nettop + APC Ups + Dell 22" Monitor + Creative T6060

    1. Model number and details: EeeBox PC EB1501 1.6GHz Intel Atom N330 Dual-Core CPU 2GB (2x1GB) RAM 250GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Disk SuperMulti DVD Burner nVIDIA ION Graphics 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Windows 7 Home Premium 2. Date of purchase: Mar 2010 3. Reason for sale: Going outstation for...
  3. Tenida

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7300+MSI P45 NEO3FR MObby+Zion 2GB DDR2 RAM

    For Sale ! SOLD Processor+Motherboard Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: INTEL Core 2 Duo E7300 Time of Purchase: 24/12/2008 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 7 Months Reason for Sale: Upgrading to Intel I7 2600K during Durga Puja...
  4. S

    PS3 Games: Resistance 2 And Ridge Racer 7

    Hi Guys.. Up for sale are two PS3 Games of mine. 1) Resistance 2 Gamespot Ranking: 9/10 Condition: 9/10 (9 Only cuz its open) Pic II: * Selling Price: Rs 650/- Reason for sale: Need Monies 2) Ridge Racer 7 Gamespot...
  5. newway01

    Wireless Router

    Need a Wifi Router. If you have one up for sale, let me know :)
  6. T

    Old pc with gfx card for sale

    MODEL: HCL Ezzebee(only the cabinet part,monitor keyboard mouse not included) DESCRIPTION: A 6 year old machine with good configuration been upgraded and having some component which is new the machine is capable of daily office works using office 2007 and 2010.supports windows xp and...
  7. thunder.02dragon

    HD5870 & 160GB Ext HDD & 2x500GB WD HDD & Xbox 360 Wireless Controller & SteelSeries

    Need to sale these stuffs as I either don't use them or need to upgrade. Exact reason for sale and all other details as explained as below: Steelseries World of Warcraft: Lich King Ed Mouse PAD Warranty: You can claim warranty still that's not required Reason for Sale: Don't need...
  8. bhushanm

    Western Digital 1TB SATA internal HDD

    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra. Would prefer buyer pick up and pay. Will meet at Ghatkopar or Chembur railway station if it is more convenient. In case you want to have it couriered, you pay for packaging + shipping extra. Description: Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB SATA Internal HDD. Comes...
  9. S

    Motorola Milestone 1/Qwerty Keypad Android Phone

    Hi Looking to purchase a well maintained mobile phone. - Would be preferring a dentless/non (color) fading unit. - NCR/Del sale preferred - If warranty available, then even better PM preferred for deal talks.
  10. mohityadavx

    Mega Game, Movie , encyclopedia Sale

    Hi! I am selling of a small part of my cd/dvd collection of movies ,games, encyclopedia as i no longer have the space to keep them. All prices below exclude shipping charges and are final and no bargain will be entertained except for bulk orders. All cd/dvd are in good condition. I will post...
  11. webgenius

    PC stuff for sale

    AMD 3500+ 1. Model number and details: AMD 3500+ 2. Date of purchase: 5 years 3. Reason for sale: Bought a new system 4. Warranty details: Expired 5. Expected Price: Rs. 600 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore NVIDIA 7600GS 1. Model number and details: NVIDIA 7600GS 256MB PCIE GFX card...
  12. webgenius

    Samsung SyncMaster 753S 17" color monitor for sale

    1. Model number and details: Samsung SyncMaster 753S 17" color monitor 2. Date of purchase: 7 years 3. Reason for sale: Bought a new LCD monitor 4. Warranty details: Expired 5. Expected Price: Rs. 750 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore I am planning to close this deal soon. Please PM me if...
  13. A

    prospects of sale of usa made electronics bro is planning to return to india with a sony vaio latest laptop and a 16 gb i pad.what are the sale prospects of such equipment here in india
  14. 2

    Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB - Rs. 21,000 Shipped

    Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Running firmware 4.2.1 with baseband 05.15.04. Can be unlocked upon request. Comes with box etc. Price: Rs. 21,000 Shipped. Do not PM me any offers. Time of Purchase: ~Jan 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No warranty left. Reason for Sale...
  15. soyab0007

    Nokia 6233, 5610 Xpress Music & E61i (quick sale)

    1.Nokia 5610 Xpress Music For Sale Price: Rs 2600 Color: Black Accessories: charger,handsfree And 1gb card Condition: some scratches near keypad otherwise in a very good condition. Reason: need some urgent cash. Key features: {Gsmarena Review} High-quality construction, steel...
  16. Gowt1ham

    CM V8,Sniper;HP All in One;Nokia 5233 Topskin! Halo/StarTrek Novels;BenQ G2420

    1.No trolling thread. 2.All negotiations, queries, suggestions via PM. 3.All prices exclude shipping. I am not shipping till 21st of this month or only bangloreans for now Bangalore, India. 1.CM V8: 2.5k comes with LGA 775/1366 and Am3/2+...
  17. solomon_paulraj

    MSI (nVidia) GeForce 9600GT 512MB DDR3

    Hi, want to sell this.. MSI (nVidia) GeForce 9600GT 512MB DDR3 (active cooled) Overclocked Edition Expected Price: Rs 2500/-, Purchased Feb 2009 included in the package: 1. DVI to HDMI adapter 2. DVI to VGA adapter 3. Molex to 6 pin power connector for older psu's. Product details...
  18. S

    17 inches Samsung CRT Monitor as good as New.

    Samsung 17" CRT Monitor bought in January 2009. The monitor stopped working in April 2010. The company has replaced the entire circuit board. Since the replacement took a long time, I bought a LCD monitor. All the parts except the tube are new. For sale in Kolkata only. Purchaser can...
  19. anish_sha

    SPICA , Most wanted Android Fone on sale

    * Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung spica i5700 * Expected Price: Rs 10,500/- * Time of Purchase: March 2010 * Warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes |6 Months * Reason for Sale: Upgrading * Purchase Invoice Available: Yes * Product...
  20. ionicsachin

    HTC Legend (4 months old)

    Hii friends, Here again with a new sale. I want to sell my 4 months old HTC Legend. Purchased it from Univercell Hyderabad on 21st May 2010. The phone is in absolutely perfect 9.9/10 condition (aluminium unibody and scratch-proof screen glass). I purchased it for Rs. 24100. The current prices...
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