How can i send data to my phone

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i have a SE T230.Can you tell me about asoftware which will help me to send ringtone ,pictures to my cell phone? :roll:


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Long ago I installed a software called Oxygen Manager which allowed my phone to connect to my PC and through internet i downloaded various ring tones and wallpapers !! happy hunting


do you have an infra red port on your computer. once you do and you allign your phone to the pc s port , the pc recognizes the phone and allows you to transfer stuff directly to the phone where they get saved in their respective directories. you dont need the synchronization software but the stuff sony gives is nice like the image editor allows you to crop an image exactly to the phones size. i have a t630 and this is the way i do it


@josh oxygen phone manager is only for nokia phones
@jcmac just goto and do a search for phone managers ... ull get a nice list
install it and use it ...
ofcourse ull need an infra red port / data cable for ur phone to use any of these softwares
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