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I am RHCE and working as sys admin. Is it better to do RHCSS or CCNA+CCNP?

Please suggest.



if u want to go security career, then do rhcss n other security related courses.
my suggestions would be u go for ccna..


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CCNA Course Fees around 10000 and Exam fees around 13000.
So CCNA cost a total of 23000 Rupees...

I have a CCNA Video tut Package of 4 DVD's around 10GB.. I can sent out those DVD copies.. shejin679@gmail.com


I passed CCNA last Tuesday. Its 250$. The exam center took Rs12200 from me as exam fees. Course fees depends on institutions. You can self prepare for CCNP when you get an idea how to study after passing CCNA. But my advice is join a class for CCNA to clear your concepts.


depends on how much you study but risky I think so... exam fees is 12200, 53 questions only carrying 1000 marks total... which make it scary... why only 53 questions for 1000 marks... you cant dare to make mistakes... ha ha

Engineering is recognized as the toughest course in GUINNESS BOOK which give me confidence that I can crack other exams easily... ha ha ha.... funny but trueEngineering is Toughest of all Courses :GUINNESS Book of World Record


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Ok. As I completed RHCE which is not multiple choice questions, I think I can clear CCNA and CCNP without any problems.......Are there any dumps for CCNA and CCNP so that i can refer after preparing.


search for 640-802 dumps. you will find them easily. CCNA is not fully multiple choice,,, there are real time simulations(programming routers n switches). drag n drop etc. Everybody think they can clear easily... :) this is just what they think


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If you are just studying dumps to pass ccna and ccnp you are doing it wrong. I'll guarantee you the certification is near worthless if you don't know how to apply anything you learn at work. But then again the other side is most Fresh Network Admins don't even have access to server rooms or the adequate permissions to make any changes anyway.

Which course you want to take depends on what career you are following if you work more with Red Hat my honest opinion would be to go for that . Nonetheless if you are proceeding a network oriented path then CCNA and CCNP would only add value to your resume.


Yes FilledVoid is right.

@prudhivisekhar... first have a good concept. Cisco is smart man... You will get same questions from dumps but different answers in multiple choice. So you have to study. Read the book thoroughly, read your notes, practice simulations, then practice in real routers and switches... when you are confident that you have acquired enough knowledge... then go for dumps yo test yourself.


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What i understand is that RHCSS is security line in Linux Red Hat systems .CCNA+CCNP is ROuting/switching line .

If you want to pursue network securities you should go for in this order CCNA+CCNA SEcurity +CCNP Security.

Both are nice paid lines and your intrest is vital what way u want to go by.
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