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Serious prob !!!!!!!

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Cyborg Agent
u need to give us some more information man!
Any recently installed software,error messages etc?
U need to give us something to start with!


gauravakaasid said:
My machine not booting . please can ne1 tell me the possible reasons and the respective solutions. :?

This sounds like:

I havent had my food for the last week or so, but I still do my daily poop...Can anyone give me any reaons?? :shock: :p :lol: :D :!:


C'mon man, tell us something like, does the BIOS start up? Any peculiar sounds, blue screens?



Wise Old Owl
Maybe some Windows system files were deleted by
accident or corrupted, or damaged by a Virus.
Try booting the PC thro a bootable Windows 98/XP CD.
Find what the probelm is and fix it.
If lots of System files are corrupted or missing you
need to format the harddisk and install OS again.
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