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  1. rohan

    Resize my drive

    I have 3 drives: c:/ - 20GB, D:/ - 13GB, G:/ - Linux(hda5) - 13GB, E:/ - 15GB and more than 100GB free, unutilized space. I want to resize my Linux partition(ext2) and my C:/ partition(NTFS) both to 20GB and 40GB respectively without losing any data on any of the drives. I am using Windows XP...
  2. gauravakaasid

    Resizing pics

    is there ne site whr i can resize pics of ne dimension? basically i want to resize pics for makin avatars, from wallpapers n oders.
  3. Third Eye

    How to resize .gif images ?

    i have some .gif animated images,i want to know how to resize it in irfan view or ACDSee Pro 8.?
  4. vandit

    can anyone resize my avatar

    can anyone resize this avatar for me to use in digit forum plz...... it should remain animated ( I am a bit lazy to do it myself ).....
  5. jamesbond007


    How can I resize an animated gif image which is composed of four different images. The resize should not effect the clarity of the image if possible. What is morphing and how can I manage to morph Schwarzenegger's body and replace it with my face in place of his face and the final thing...
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