1. amjath

    Motorola X phone thread

    Motorola's X phone is one of the hottest rumors in Industry right now. Here are some rumored Spec which could be believed to take it as pinch of salt. Snapdragon 800 chipset 4.7" 1280 x 768 resolution display [resolution couldn't agree] 4000 mAh unit IP57 certified Gorilla Glass 3 Here is...
  2. aal-ok

    Far cry 1 render change

    i have Farcry 1 but it is laggy I thought I may change the render to openGL but in the video options of Configure Far Cry.exe I cannot change the render please help :evil:
  3. kapilove77

    Samsung Galaxy SIV

    Was just roaming around youtube and found out this. Hands-on Samsung Galaxy S4 - First Look (Render) - YouTube I am really excited. Are you?
  4. anirbandd

    GPUZ Render Test

    how good is GPUZ's Render test [10-15mins run] in terms of instantly checking OCed GPU?? it does show artifacts when OCing is bad..
  5. A

    Suggestion for the best value laptop.

I'm a computer engineering student,currently pursuing my 3rd year of the course. I've been using a desktop all these days. I'm someone who 'cannot live' without a PC with me, and nowadays, I feel tht my powerful enough desktop is not serving my portability purpose since I switch between...
  6. B

    Internet Explorer Doesnt Render Pages

    Hello People. I have a problem. My IE has stopped rendering pages. It sometimes partially renders pages but mostly it doesn't. The only site it renders perfectly is the hdfc bank website. How about some suggestions? Please dont suggest that I move to Firefox etc etc as I dont want to. Oh bye...
  7. kaustav_geek

    3D Modelling in Blender ( A Black Baldie)

    Alright. This project took me 3 days, where I started to learn more about Blender due to one of my buddy's inspiration. Here's the reference: And here are the screen dumps: And here's the UV unwrap: And here's the final render after UV mapping: If you have anything to say or express your...
  8. aditya.shevade

    What is wrong with the ADs on my site?

    Hi I have created this website using googlepages (like you needed to be told..). And the Google Ad Sense ADs were being displayed for a couple of months. Now the ADs have disappeared and a message is displayed which says "Sorry! Cannot render inline-required gadgets in an iframe." What...
  9. G

    nvidia 6600 AGP 256 MB

    Hi, I have got the Nvidia Geforce 6600 256 MB AGP card of BIG company, priced at Rs. 6,750 in Pune. I have P4 2.8 HT processor, 865GBF Mbd, 1 GB of DDR RAM, XP Proffetional edition, DirectX 9c, latest motherboard and graphics drivers(81.85). When I installed the graphics card, first I...
  10. NikhilVerma

    Wood Texture

    Difficulty Level : Medium Photoshop CS You will find some tutorials for making wood texture over the net. But this one is slightly different and provides better results. Start off with a file 600*600 pixels and white background. With RGB color setting. Goto Filter --> Render --> Fibers...
  11. whoopy_whale

    unable to play dat files

    All of a sudden,my friend's computer doesn't play video files i.e Windows Media Player doesn't read those .dat files.It says no filters are available to render the stream.Power DVD also says there are no decoders to play the file. Help plz....
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