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  1. sriharsha_mahankali

    virus problem

    my computer is affected with amvo.exe virus.... any solution for removing this with out formatting harddisk...
  2. mastterboy


    I need an software which can remove song without removing the music of that song.
  3. int86

    Removing a Capacitor

    I have a Intex 2600W pseudo 4.1(actually 2.1) speaker. As shown in below figure, there are two capacitors. Will removing those capacitors do any harm to circuitory inside. I want to acheive equal sound in all four speakers. Below is picture of output socket seen fron outside and inside.
  4. S

    any body got Trojan Horse removing tool

    Hi,,,,,,,,Any body got trojan horse removing tool , i got the trojan vundo removing tool from symantec .........just couldnt find for the Trojan Horse ;)
  5. B

    Pen drive problem

    i have 8 GB pen drive of Alcor. My problem is that when i reinsert the pen drive after copying some data it shows empty folders.But whenever i copy again it shows but after removing it from PC it encounters same problem. Please send me right solution on this.
  6. DD3030

    Availabilty and performance of VX1932WM

    Hi all :p Can anyone tell me whether Viewsonic VX1932WM is available at Lamington Rd. and at what price? You can tell latest price of that at any other city too. Those of you who have bought this, how do you feel now overall and how do you compare performance of VX1932WM vis-a-vis VG1930WM...
  7. Demonkiller

    Computer Wont Boot Up

    Well I didnt use my comp for 2 weeks and now when I try to turn it on it beeps 3 times and nothing happens. I tried removing and inserting the memory and bios battery. No give. Any help?

    windowsxp & ubuntu in same pc

    I am using ubuntu. now i want to install xp without removing ubuntu. is it possible?
  9. R

    Should I remove Sata 2 jumper???

    Config in my signature , all my drives are sata 2 & they have a jumper, will removing them increase the transfer speed? I read somewhere that jumper is meant to make it sata1, removing it will make it sata 2.Before doing it I just want to confirm. I checked that my mobo supports sata 2 with...
  10. max_demon

    HELP ME !! Spyware/Maleware attack !!

    i keep on getting messages like this and popup window is opeed by itself .iinstalled Spybot S&D and starting removing the maleware can anyone help me in finding the perfect anti spyware Software ?
  11. pritzdj

    PC stops in BIOS... Plz Help....

    I m using AMD Athlon 2600+, 512 RAM......... My PC facing a very typical problem........ When i start my PC then stops or freeze in the BIOS....... after pressing a reset button 4-5 times it restarts normally...... I tried by removing and reseting my CMOS Battery, but no use.... Plz help...
  12. L

    sony product query reg. video

    Hi guys, what software product of sony allows to edit video, i mean by adding or removing some frames and also in particular edit the audio track of the video, like... removing the audio track completely and adding another one, or clipping off a part of the audio and saving it to an audio...
  13. A

    trojan in windows xp

    I got windows xp home installed on my laptop. yesterday evening when i booted up the system,i got a warning saying a trojan has been found in the system.its a trojan named New Malware.j.its present in the following location, C:\Windows\System32\N5619\smss.exe:mad: i tried removing the folder...
  14. s18000rpm

    Best Anti-Spyware - Which one?

    Which is the best Anti-SpyWare both Paid & free in terms of ;;;; =>Performance- Detection rate + Removing. =>RAM friendly- less RAM consumption .
  15. ionicsachin

    Gprs Gprs Gprs

    I am new to mobiles.... can anyone say me that how shud i enable GPRS on Nokia 3650 with Idea connection.... Plzzzz tell me soon because i have to download antivirus for removing CommWarrior
  16. K

    760 mb on 700mb cd

    hi friends, how can i burn a cd having 760mb data(movie) to an 700mb cd with nero burning.i just want to cd a movie and i am getting an error showing insufficient space and insert a cd with equal space i.e 760mb.i tried in nero express by removing some advertisements and other...
  17. nithinks

    Removing Visited site names in IE

    hello members, I want to remove all the website names that i recently visited in IE.. how can i do that..? i tried removing entire history also all cookies.. but its of no use.. when i type a part of the site names.. entire sitename will appear.. below the address bar.. Can anyone solve...
  18. S

    Windows 2k3 server infected : need help

    Hi Friends, My windows 2003 server SE is infected with some trojan/worm due to which the font is diplayed in junk characters in some places. Please help me in removing this. Attaching a snap shot hereby. Problem Snapshot
  19. H

    PC Not Booting

    I have a PentiumIII 1 GHZ PC with an Intel 82810 chipset motherboard. The system gives one long beep repeatedly during POST and does not boot. It gives the same beep even if I switch on the PC after removing the RAM. I also want to know the frequency of the RAM in the system. It has a...
  20. V

    Removing Windows 98

    I have Windows 98 & XP installed on my computer.Now I want to remove Windows 98 from my computer.Can you tell me the exact procedure of removing it without affecting Windows XP?
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