Availabilty and performance of VX1932WM

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Hi all :p

Can anyone tell me whether Viewsonic VX1932WM is available at Lamington Rd. and at what price? You can tell latest price of that at any other city too.

Those of you who have bought this, how do you feel now overall and how do you compare performance of VX1932WM vis-a-vis VG1930WM? Do you think it is worth 1,000/- extra?

Also, in many user reviews I found they did not find any significant improvement by removing D-Sub cable and attaching DVI cable. Is the performance difference more noticeable if you use a graphics card? Experts please advice.

BTW, I have read gabbar's review :cool:
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Choto Cheeta

vx1932wm i suppose is not in production any more... !!! but yes Rs. 1000/- extra is a justified payment...

1. It performes better than vg1930wm...
2. It comes bundled with DVI Cable which is Rs. 900 if u buy seperatelly...

Deffinatelly GRFX card is a big point when comparing DVI out put.. !!!


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Choto Cheeta said:
vx1932wm i suppose is not in production any more... !!!

what ?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been only 2 months that viewsonic launched vx1932wm in India....out of production already ?????????????????? !!!!!!!!!

R u sure ???????????????????????


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hmmmmm..if thats true then we just might get a new improved model to play with (such as vx1945) at the very same price point... [:)]
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