1. Niilesh

    Infected by an adware

    Hey guys my computer is infected by an adware. Occasionally a new tab(not window) opens to a travel (agencies) sites they are not usually the same site every time are these adds by thinkdigit? As i am usually surfing on forum i don't know if it is just a popup(which i doubt as I have...
  2. Faun

    Heat sink and processor die cleaning

    Nail polish remover or petrol ?
  3. krates

    Car dent remover?

    due to my @#@$%@$@$ parking I get every now and then a dent on my car.. its getting costly to get every dent removed... there are loads of dent remover on ebay I want to buy one I need suggetions!
  4. Sathish

    Convert a song into an instrumental version.Possible?

    is there any software to convert full fledged songs into instrumental version..? (pl. dont suggest vocal remover.. ) the songs should be conveted into a single instrumental it possible now.? Anybody knows..?
  5. utsav

    Adware suggesting to download spyware remover!!!!

    My Pc got infected by a adware which is suggesting me to download spyware remover .It automatically set up this warning wallpaper on my desktop :lol: So i scanned my system with Spybot search and destroy to remove it but there was none!!! Seems a good adware :D Digg it See Post
  6. anandk

    Stay Away From These Rogue Threats.

    SpamBlockerUtility WinAntiSpyware 2007 Rogue.Misc WinAntiVirus 2006 DriveCleaner 2006 SpyRemover WinAntiSpyware 2006 BPS Spyware Remover Evidence Eliminator full list at Rogue Remover is a good program to remove such Rogue Programs.
  7. bhutanesedude

    Which Antivirus should I install....

    Hello Experts, I came to ask you guys, which ANti virus should I install in my system. But before that i would like to let u all knw that I am using a Intel inside P4 system with 3.06 Ghz Proccesor, 512 MB of Ram and windows XP SP2. I have the following Antivirus softwares, but I am unknown...
  8. n2casey

    Get some shareware softwares for free

    So why to wait, just visit here and get these softwares for free. Photo Toolkit 1.6 Red Eye Remover Pro 1.1 Mobile Photo Enhancer 1.2 Color Correction Wizard 1.0 VCW VicMan's Photo Editor 8.0 Red Eye Remover 1.9 Jpeg Enhancer 1.7 Light Artist 1.4 Cartoonist 1.2 Batch AutoCorrector...
  9. M

    HELP.... need free/working trial versions of effective antivirus.

    Some one please suggest a free antivirus+trojan remover, because I'm afraid my system is heavily infected with them.

    Please Suggest Me Best Spyware & Trojan REMOVER TOOLS

    :twisted: Please Suggest Me Best Spyware & Trojan remover tool and also provide the link to download.
  11. Vishal Gupta

    UTILITY: Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover 1.0

    Download Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover 1.0 | 96.6 KB Source
  12. KoRn

    DirectX prob in windows XP pro

    hey Guys i have directX 9b on my cOmp.there is a slight problem i wanna install directX 9c,but whenever i install the installation takes place succesfuly but when i check my version of directX from dxdiag it STILL is 9b.MY fren also has dis problem on his 865 mobo,he cant install 9c.I heard der...
  13. T

    Fake Anti-Spyware Programs

    Hi all , Yup, they exist !! Here is a fairly up to date list of the programs to avoid if your looking to relieve your PC of the AdWare burden: Updated list of fake spyware removers The following programs are not recommended because they install spyware...
  14. Satissh S

    What teh hick is this!?

    While surfing yesterday, i got something (a message dialog) like this: messenger service-----> Title bar caption IMMINENT WINDOWS CRASH WARNING-------------> message text We have detected fifty two errors in your windows computer. The errors will lead to a system crash in next few hours...
  15. ashfahan


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