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PS2 confusion, need solution??

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Broken In

I am planning to buy a New PS2 with modchip, DVD remote control,8 MB memory card,,
But as i am staying in village i have not seen PS2,,,i have searched the net and found out about modchip and DVD remote control,,but i am still confused of some problems listed below

* does the modchip come with multiregion
* does the remote works for VCDs,MP3s,games, and other formats which it supports


King of my own Castle
1)Yes the mod Chip supports DVD multiregion...
2) & Yes the remote works for VCDs,MP3s,games,

But still i think somewhere you should opt for XBOX ...i have both and man there is a world difference between playing the two...the Vibration feed back is just perfect and Xbox Blows PS2 to hell in graphics...Try considering xBOX (it has its own hardisk ) and LAN..and other goddies...The price difference is not much and whatever is worth each paisa :p
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