1. B

    How to create a restoration disk?

    I reformat my hdd every 4-6 months to avoid any issues with viruses. I have quite some softwares installed on my machine. Every time I reformat my hdd, a lot of time is wasted in re-installing all the softwares. Is there a way around this? creating a dvd which can be used to bring the...
  2. P

    Increasing c drive size without formating

    Hey can any 1 help me in incresing my c drive without needing to reformat it or loosing data on it.
  3. smile

    System Problem ?????

    hi. When i switch on my system & after booting suddenly the system restarts . When i logged in safe mode the system hangs:mad:. What is the problem??Is it infected with virus??Cn anyone solve the problem or i need to reformat the system:-( . System configuration is Intel p4 2.0 ghz...
  4. EagerBeaver

    How To Shift Mydocuments ???????????????

    I have just required to format my PC. Due to this I have lost all my documents. I just wanted to ask you, whether I can change the location of this mydocuments to another dirive, so that if I have to reformat again, I will not loose my data. Please help me...
  5. aku

    Back up bookmarks...

    hw can i backup all my bookarks in firefox.. so thet i can reuse them whn i install it again after a reformat...
  6. P

    HP Photosmart 318 Digital Camera doesn't work

    Hi, I'm Jeya Kumar.I have a HP Photosmart 318 Digital Camera. I have a Windows XP Pro. Now the camera doesn't work. The problem is my Sandisk CompactFlash Memory Card doesn't reformat in my camera. When I try to turn it on, it says "CF card requires reformatting". Then it gives me the...
  7. G


    I have 30 gbs of movies & mp3s on my hdd & I want to reformat my hdd. Now I'm in no mood to burn them on cds & neither do I have an external hard disk. Is there a way to keep those movies & mp3s & still reformat? I have win xp installed.
  8. T

    windows query..

    guys i installed winxp sp2 in a frnds machine but the problem is that when i try to reboot, the machine freezes at POST. ii had to reformat and reinstall. the machine config is p4 2.8 ht, asus p4p800-vm,2*256 ddr400 ram. thnx for ur helps and suggestions in advance.
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