1. F

    where to buy sapphire r9 290 tri x

    Can someone please suggest a place where I can buy this gpu (possibly in Rajasthan) and sapphire service Centre.
  2. W

    75% engineering students in Rajasthan unemployable

    75% engineering students in Rajasthan unemployable To check the quality and standards of technical education in Rajasthan, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur, has conducted a study, which has surprised many. A whopping 75% of the total engineering students are ‘unemployable’...
  3. A

    Huawei E3131 Reviews.

    Hi folk, I want to buy Huawei E3131 Data card, just what to know your reviews about this data card. I have gone through the review on google and on flipkart also, but want to get review from real time user too. And what is difference between Huawei E3131 and Huawei E3131B if any? Thanks.
  4. fun2sh

    Rajasthan: 5 of a family commit suicide believing they will meet god

    :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: Source: Rajasthan: 5 of a family commit suicide believing they will meet god
  5. Desmond

    Akash tablet project nearly-dead because of corruption?

    Something does not seem right. About this. The tablet was a fail, but meeting a demise owing to corruption, that s***s. Source Further reading: The Tangled Tale of Aakash, the World's Cheapest Laptop - NYTimes.com After Aakash delays, Datawind losing senior executives - Economic Times
  6. red_devil

    Trip to Rajasthan - Suggestions needed.

    <cc posted on TE as well..> A few of us are planning on a trip to Rajasthan in August. Train Tickets haven't been booked yet btw The current plan is to reach Jodhpur by train (on some day) and then head out to Jaisalmer --> Bikaner --> pushkar --> ajmer --> jaipur Is this plan feasible? I...
  7. iinfi

    New luxury train to cost Rs 25 lakh per trip!

    New luxury train to cost Rs 25 lakh per trip!
  8. R

    Rajasthan Govt. Bans Pornography

    The Rajasthan government alerted by hearing that young boys and girls are seeing explicit content online and terrorists are using internet for most crimes. The Govt. paased a law that every person that goes to Cyber Cafes will have to give all information about him- name, address, age...
  9. mohitgiri

    nokia priorty deler

    i want to take nokia priorty delearship in bhilwara rajasthan. can any body help me. how to get, where to apply. etc thanx
  10. S

    Hutch v/s Air Tel - charges - which is Best @Mumbai

    Hello Friends, Just I send 3 messages to my Friend to Wish Holi and Hutch deduct @ 2.33 per Message (out of this 1 is to my friend in Rajasthan). So can any one explain what charges for SMS's and calls with Hutch?:mad:
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