Itzz Monsoon

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Can you hear it..??

I'm in Kerala. Monsoon started here and i believe it'll reach its full fury in the coming days.
It is indeed a beauty to watch the rain. But if you need to step out it is a mess. Usually when it rains heavily it looks as if we need boat services on roads . No footpaths or road but just water ..Each year this happens and the authorities show little concern.

It seems if you want to enjoy the rain you have to go to a village. Is it raining in other parts of the country? Are your roads getting flooded with a pour...?? And do you enjoy seeing it rain?


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Yeah it's been raining pretty heavily in Mumbai, but no floods in South Mumbai, as always there was some water logging in Matunga area, where I visited yesterday.
It's been fun to get all drenched in the rain.

Ah, sorry I missed that you wanted a reply only from Manan.
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^^I don't know anyone from Mumabi on the forum except Manan. That's the reason :D

Thanks for the info :)
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