Who was eagerly waiting for rains in Mumbai 2011?


Apart from this disastrous summer vacation of 2011 of mine it was not so good for me as well as for Japan too. But not just a few weeks ago my back had been burnt just because of walking in the hottest summer afternoon right from my nearest railway station back towards my home. I had to purchase some of my goods for computer to make that beast cooler or else it would have been blasted while playing games... So the wait is over, as a suprise digit gave us on this june. It was the second surprise after three days for me when I looked outside my balcony window pane hearing the rooftop of someone else's window broken down due to the winds and blow away rains. I cherished each moment of our first rain of 2011. So great hearted welcome and MUBARAK HO TO EVERYONE FOR FIRST RAIN DROPS. Each of my friend wanted to call me after to make our sleeves yet in that puddle. So guys lets share your first story for rain if you live in mumbai 2011. And for my brothers living in delhi bangalore. Happy rain to you. I dont know but I've certainly have gone crazy seeing this cool atmosphere here. Otherwise it was terribly hot for anyone to handle in mumbai afternoons. Friends lets share, anyone out on this forum will like to share his feelings for this rain I would love to hear. Thanks :) if better lets take a poll.
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