1. K

    Good tablet,large screen for media/gaming purpose

    Hello People,I am planning to buy a tablet mainly for Gaming,media,surfing purpose. So i need advice to buy a Good tablet with large screen,efficient processor and sufficient RAM. My budget is around 20K INR(max 25000)
  2. K

    Need help in assembling high configuration pc for recording purpose

    Please help me in finding following parts whichs suites best to my purpose Motherboard Soundcard Graphics Card RAM Audio Devices I can maximum invest 60000/- India Rupees. Please suggest me the best possible configuration here...
  3. ShankJ

    Camera Buying Advice!!

    What's your budget? 12K - 16K(Can extend 1K) Camera type? DSLR or Point and Shoot. Both would be fine.. Just want the best performance.. Body Style? No Preferances. How much zoom do you want/expect? Not an issue. Do you care for manual exposure controls? No What will you be shooting with...
  4. F

    [Want to Buy] Samsung galaxy S II

    I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II for development purpose. PM me if interested in selling one.
  5. M

    Seeking laptop under 45000..plz help

    I want i5,4-8gb ram,nvdia graphics 2gb..i just want a fine gaming machine along with general purpose..help me..and i hate hcl
  6. $hadow

    buying 500 Gb ext HDD

    Looking to buy a ext hdd of 500gb. No idea regading brands never used any. Budget is anything around 3k. Basic purpose will be like sharing games and storing movies.
  7. Zangetsu

    Temperature Monitor Software

    Hi Guys Need a Temperature monitor which logs (with time stamp) all components temperature (HDD,CPU,RAM,GPU etc) will use it for Troubleshooting purpose
  8. M

    earphones for 5k

    hi guys.... i am planning to buy a 5k earphones... headphones will also do bt they should be portable... main purpose is listening to music for a long time.... suggest some good earphones preferably pls... :)
  9. cyborg47

    Purpose code on PAYPAL?

    I've got a freelance job recently(game character rigging, and Animation...a 3D game artist basically), and my client wants to transfer the money through Paypal. So I've created one, but Paypal asks me to fulfill a list of tasks, one of them being the purpose code. I've looked through the list...
  10. D

    Buying Advice on laptops [45k-50k]

    hey, i want to buy a laptop for engineering, entertaintment and gaming purpose between 45k-50k. Which laptop of which brand should i buy. Please suggest me....
  11. V

    need clear sounding speaker 2.1

    Hello experts, i'm hunting for a good and clear sounding 2.1 speaker set (not one of those boomy speakers which are loud but doesn't sound pleasing) i would have preferred altec vs2621 but its not available anywhere (if you know anyone who can ship it to hyderbad please let me know). purpose of...
  12. H2O

    Good Android Mobile Under 5K - 6K

    I have been using Nokia 2626 (8-)) till now. But, It has stopped working properly. So, Thinking of getting a new phone. Ideally I would have tried to get a phone around 10K but I'm getting a new laptop as well. So, I don't have the budget to get a costly phone. I'm quite new to Android and...
  13. V

    30k pc for friend

    Components needed: Processor Gpu Mobo Ram Hdd Cabinet Psu Sole purpose: Gaming ;-) Ryt now on mobile will answer that questionnaire later.
  14. coolnikhil

    Using TP-8968 for wireless printing

    Hey guys.. I need a new router+ adsl modem.. I am using a MTNL internet for my home. I want to print from my samsung scx-3400 from my laptop wirelessly. Will this router serve this purpose.? Thanks
  15. N

    What is Energy Saver mode in voltas windows ac

    Recently I bought this voltas windows ac Delux - 3 Star there is a button on console ENERGY SAVER, what is the purpose of this and how would it will work?
  16. A

    search engines

    there are so many search engines on the Internet .canu list them ? which search engines for what purpose?
  17. Y

    WD or Seagate internal HDD

    Confused about 500gb seagate barracuda or WD black/blue..main purpose is gaming. Please advice.
  18. Fenix21

    home purpose computer (budget 25-30 k)

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:Educational, watching movies,internet,casual gaming(no external...
  19. C

    System required for rendering purpose....

    Hi Guys, Need you assistance to buy a rig for renderring purpose. This is required for my family member who is a interior designer a newbie. What a machine which is capable of doing such stuff at ease. Requirement : 1) If a machine available in the market for the purpose.. do let...
  20. A

    Help me choose between these two hp laptops!!

    Hi, i'm thinking of buying a laptop.. Max budget- 43k. Went to the nearest hp store, they offered me two deals- Hp g4 2049tx- 36.5k without anything extra. But with mouse, headset, 4gb pen drive, 2gb extra ram - 37.8k The other one is hp g6- 2320tx- 44k. Approx 6k more for just 1.6 inch screen...
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