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  1. aaruni

    Thunderbird Backup

    I will be upgrading my HDD and do not want to download all of my backed up email (3GB). Is there a way to back this all up except by taking a backup of ~/.thunderbird/*.default/Mail ? Like something which will produce a big dump, which can then be imported by thunderbird on the new install using...
  2. N

    Laptop for general use - Future Proof

    I am planning to buy a new laptop for general browsing, visual studio programming work etc. I will also use the laptop for capturing videos, screenshots. I want a laptop which is future proof, faster and with decent config. My budge is 55K. I am not a gamer. I came across several ASUS brands...
  3. adikumar2010

    5.1 Speakers under 5k

    I want to buy 5.1 speakers ,my max budget is around 5k, my top priority is Deep Bass. I want to maximum amount of bass, I can compromise on other aspects. The bass should be able to handle very low frequencies and produce enormous bass.
  4. H

    Samsung SyncMaster 226BW

    Location: Mumbai Price: Rs. 16000 Technical Details • 22-inch widescreen monitor offers a 160-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle • Samsung MagicColor and 16.7 million colors deliver a clearer, brighter image • 3000:1 contrast ratio and 0.282-millimeter pixel pitch produce...
  5. Third Eye

    Sony Ericsson K850i – 5 Mpix camera performance

    http://www.mobile-review.com/review/sonyericsson-k850-cam-en.shtml check the cam comparison between n95 and k850.i am not impressed with k850.it is still in the testing stage and will produce far better images after some firmware fix i think. discuss :p

    NASA Satellites Watch As China Constructs Giant Dam

    Engineered to store more than 5 trillion gallons of water, the Three Gorges Dam is designed to produce more than 18,000 megawatts of electricity when all 26 turbines become operational in 2009—twenty times the power of Hoover Dam
  7. Pravas

    Sound-Is it too Loud???

    Hi guys, just wondering ,we all love musics:D, but are we listening to the high decibels produced by Music Phones and players? I am not talking about the loudspeaker but the one which easily attach into our ears and keep us entertained and refresh everytime. yeh, i know there are headphones...
  8. cooldip10

    Can anyone help???

    I've recently bought a 5.1 home theatre system (Phillips MMS 5.500i), My mobo is Intel 845 GVSR with inbuild sound card ( Realtek AC97 Audio)... The problem is the speaker is unable to produce 5 channel sounds , i.e all its speakers aren't working although beig connected to computer >>> Any...
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