1. A

    Z:ero, The World’s First Digital Earphones

    Z:ero, The World’s First Digital Earphones - XDA Forums It really interesting to see... In Electronics field we see lots of development... But not in Electrical, we use same old Transformer from years and no improvement/development on this... Electrical field need some boost for development...
  2. S

    Need Router+Modem

    Hi, I need Router+ modem within a budget of 2.5k to connect and share the internet between my desktop,laptop and other wireless devices. Also I would like if it has USB port but it's not compulsory.
  3. B

    Port Forwarding on WiMax (DreamTel Punjab)

    Hello Friends, I need to "Port Forward" on WiMax (DreamTel,Punjab). As they are using WiMAx technology, they wont provide modem just a LAN cable from rooftop device to your PC/WiFi router. It is not possible to access ISP`s WiMax router as it is password protected but i need router access for...
  4. SaiyanGoku

    40-42" fhd led tv

    1. Budget? 35k (max 45k) The lesser the better 2. Display type and size? 40-42" FHD LED 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Digital Cable TV and occasional movies. 4. Ports Required? Atleast 1 HDMI, 1 USB port, standard A/V ports. VGA if possible 5. Preferred choice of brand? AOC, panasonic...
  5. I

    Xolo Play Tegra Note-Service related help

    I took my Xolo Play Tegra Note tab to authorized service centre. He said that water/sweat might have entered the microUSB port and he'll charge Rs.750 for replacing the port in spite of the product being within the warranty period. But I use it in a normal way I and I don't think what he said...
  6. A

    Ethernet port not working.

    Hello , from a few days ago suddenly my laptop ethernet port is not detecting the ethernet cable, i have checked the device manager ethernet adapter settings there are no yellow/red markers and the drivers are also up to date.So how can i make the ethernet port working again.
  7. R

    which is the usb port in the below picture?

    Which is the port below in the pic which is BLUE ? I thinks its slighty offset and hence i'm not able to plug in my usb 3 or any usb 2 cable. Or is this meant for something else. This is front side of HAF 912. PIC attached - - - Updated - - -
  8. A

    need of stock Xolo A500 club music and browsers apks.....

    friendz.... i accidentally deleted the stock apks of music player and browser .......plzzz someone help me......plzz port the apks for me....... Thanx in advance......
  9. panacea_amc

    How to add USB 3.0 Port to your laptop?

    Hello, Is there a way to add a USB 3.0 Port to a laptop? I am asking because my laptop supports only USB 2.0 ports Thanks in advance.
  10. Cool Buddy

    Airtel Digital TV

    I wish to take a DTH connection. While comparing the packages and all, I came across an interesting feature in the Airtel HD+ STB. It has a USB port and an ethernet port. However, I could not find any details on any of these i.e. what exactly do the USB & Ethernet ports do. Can I use the USB...
  11. S

    Faulty router...

    Hi all, iam using the dlink dir 605l router got the last 6 months. Off late it is not connecting to the intended connections. I am based at kolkata and I use alliance broadband, which is a static IP cable broadband connection. The connection from outside comes to the Internet port of the...
  12. S

    Wireless ROUTER under 2500k ??

    I need a wireless router for my BEAM Fiber connection under 2500k. Requirements : 1. Good UP/DOWN Speed for simultaneous usage of 3 laptops & 2 mobiles. 2.Dual Band Router if available. 3.USB Port is preferable. 4.Atleast 1 LAN Port. 5.Good Security. PS : Is good router firewall a proper...
  13. P

    Looking for cabinet with 4 front USB port ... Without PSU budget is 3000 rs... Any suggestion

    Hi, Planning to change my existing cabinet. Looking for cabinet which has 4 front USB ports ..Preferrably 2 uSB with usb 3.0 specs (Not mandatory).. All 4 USB port with 2.0 specs would also suffice. looking for great advice. My budget around 3000 rs excluding PSU... Appreciate everyone...
  14. RCuber

    USB Charger for Tablet / Mobile

    I am looking for a good 2Amp USB charger for my Tablet and Phones ( Tab is Ainol Aurora II ). The tablet has a separate charging port and I think its gone bad. The tablet charges via USB port. Can you guys recommend a really good and stable USB Charger?
  15. S

    Port Forwarding!!!!!!

    Hi there, I want to port forward any arbitrary port in my router?? Pls anyone can explain me the complete steps. I have a BSNL WiMax connection with Gemtek WIXB-ODU 250B router model... Help Needed ASAP.
  16. S

    Speakers in 2.5k

    Hi everyone, I want to buy speakers for my desktop. I want a externally powered one so that i don't have to waste a USB port on it. Also i want one with a woofer.
  17. N

    No sound from the monitor

    Hello, I purchased a dell monitor S2240L after some members from this forum said its good. I have been using it for past 8 months or so by connecting it to my GPU Asus HD 7790(another nice suggestion from here) and getting sound via headphone by connecting it to the audio port on the...
  18. L

    Help with TP Link TL-WR841N (and Siti Cable)

    So, I bought a TP Link WR841N to use my laptop and secondary desktop with wifi from Siti Cable (Kolkata), and I followed the instructions in this thread and set it up. Went fine for about a week. Then the connection was not coming (and I wasn't at home), and my dad called the Siti guys to...
  19. P

    connection to LCD

    guys i have confusion like. if i need to connect my CPU to my LCD TV(which have HDMI port). my cpu have graphic card with HDMI port and motherboard without HDMI port. which component is required to connect to LCD TV . Motherboard HDMI or graphics card HDMI port. i am with dealer , please help...
  20. ajayritik

    Need USB 3.0 4 Port hub

    I'm looking for a USB 3.0 4 Port Hub. Currently I have installed a USB 3.0 PCI Card but since it's back of the Cabinet it's difficult to connect any USB 3.0 supported devices. I can see the following models available online. Transcend Anker iBall Crystal Amkette Can anyone suggest a good...
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