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[h=1]Z:ero, The World’s First Digital Earphones[/h] Zorloo is a another small startup with lofty goals, which include successfully marketing the world’s first set of earbuds to have a built in digital to analog converter, or DAC, paired with a quality set of “high powered amplifier” earphones. In theory, this technology could in turn produce some of the highest grade earbuds to ever exist, without the use of an external DAC. You can listen to your high grade digital music on the go using your existing microUSB port as the power and data source, so no need for the 3.5mm port with these bad boys.


It really interesting to see...
In Electronics field we see lots of development... But not in Electrical, we use same old Transformer from years and no improvement/development on this... Electrical field need some boost for development...


Geek in making
This is going to need lots of polishing untill the big players adopt it. At least 2 to 3 years. So in mean time buy a good pair of headphones and enjoy.
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