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  1. R

    Plasma 3D or LED 3D [Price Constraint]

    Planing to buy a 3d HDTV Samsung Plasma 3D 51 inches 65k or LG LED 3D 42 inch 78k Samsung - Chargeable glasses :( LG - Happy ..No charging ...nothing ... But Screen Size ... Samsung - Yummy [at that price] LG - :( Suggest please
  2. Cool G5

    LED/ Plasma TV under Rs.50K

    Need a good TV(,LED or PLASMA) in Rs.50K. Requirements : Full HD, 32" or 40", good sound with good picture quality, USB & SD Card Slot, HDMI & PC Connectivity. Internet connectivity not required i.e. don't need a Smart TV. Please recommend some models? Also I wish to pair it up with a DTH...
  3. rohitshakti2

    New PC within Rs.15000/-

    I am looking for buying a new PC within a budget of Rs.15000/- I will be OCing my PC on stock. I want: Processor MOBO Monitor Ram - I have a stick of 4GB DDR3 1666 mhz corsair DVD - RW HDD - 500 gb Cabinet - Bijli (I have this cabinet) SMPS - needed 1. What is the purpose of the computer...
  4. U

    Samsung Full HD Plasma 50 Inch

    I want to sell my Samsung 50 inch Full HD Plasma TV model PS50c550 used just for 75 hours. Bought for 70K, selling Price fixed at 64000/- just for Delhi NCR who can pickit up themselves. Space issues so selling it.
  5. B

    dvd player 4k

    hey guys pls suggest a good dvd player playing avi on usb coming in 4k. i gotta LG 29in flatscreen (no LCD, plasma) Tv that i wish to attach it with. I mostly use .avi format files .
  6. C

    Home Theater Installation

    Hi, I would like to share all about multimedia solution. Call us for all of your Home Theater, Plasma Television or LCD Television installation needs. We specialize in the installation of IPTV, devices, LCD TV's, Surround Sound Systems and Plasma TV. We mount Plasma/LCD HDTV on wall, on...
  7. L

    Plasma TV and lcd tv

    Hi all, My uncle is going to buy 42 inch HDTV next week with a budget of 50k.He is confused between plasma and lcd,also which brand and model.Also he will be using cable connection on it.My question is,will a hdtv provide a better picture than old crt when viewing sd content.
  8. Optimus Prime

    plasma or LCD and kaunsa???

    i wanna buy a plasma/lcd tv??plz suggest d bst one---i'v decided plasma coz dey r better dan lcds??zeroed in on panasonic th-pv8h...plz suggest whether it s better dan others in ur knowledge.....my budget is around 60k??help fast:(
  9. K

    LCD Vs Plasma

    Can any one of u say the difference between LCD and a Plasma TV??? :confused::confused::confused::confused: What LCD TV is best at present????:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  10. desiibond

    Which 42" display to buy?

    Budget : 80k Brand preference: Should be reliable and solid support. Guys, My friend is looking for a 42" Plasma or LCD or Projection TV. Can you guys provide solid models that we can check.
  11. coolpcguy

    KDE not starting up on boot

    hey there, I shifted to openSUSE 11 & KDE 4.1 recently, while till yesterday everything was working fine. Now all of a sudden, on booting, I get a console login. The system *does* goto run level 5, though. after logging in, I've to issue a startx for KDE to start. Now the here it gets weirder...
  12. dashang

    tell me the best

    can you tell is which is better mobile PDA or smartphones? Which is best LCD or Plasma?
  13. O

    Nokia N95 8gb Brandnew For Sale.....$250usd

    HELLO,WE ARE ON DECEMBER SALES PROMOTIONAL ALL OUR PRODUCTS IS CHEAP PRICE NOW.BUY TWO AND GET 1 FREE. We are specialised in all brand new mobile phones like Samsung , Nokia , Qtek , Imate , Palm Treo , Sony Ericsson , Sidekick , Nextel and many more, They are cheap and unlocked with 12 month...
  14. T

    FOR SALE BRAND NEW 02 XDA Atom ........ $250

    *SPECIFICATIONS: (europeans/usa-specifications) general network gsm 900/gsm 1800/gsm 1900 platform - tri band (gsm900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz: countries where manufactured: Finland. NOKIA PHONES ******************************* Nokia N95... . ... 320usd NOKIA E90 ....... $300USD NOKIA N93i...
  15. s18000rpm

    TV- LCD or Plasma ? - Budget= Rs.1 Lakh

    what do you guys suggest? My dad has already booked a LG Plasma (42") for Rs.96k. my friends say LG has poor customer support & LG is way behind Sony (obviously:))) & Samsung in both LCD & Plasma dept. i'm thinking of Samsung 42" (around 63k) & a Sony home theatre, or a complete...
  16. P


    Company Details Name:.............................ALEXAM LIMITED Registered No................05470976 Address: .........................14 HEYTOR HOUSE, DEAN CLOSE, City:.................................UXBRIDGE zipcod...............................UB10 9LB...
  17. E

    for sell Nokia 8800 sirocco $300

    Nokia 8800....$170 Nokia 8800 sirocco $300 Nokia N95----$250 Nokia N70.....$150 Nokia N71.....$155 Nokia N72.....$160 Nokia N80.....$165 Nokia N91.....$170 Nokia N90.....$165 Nokia N92.....$190 Nokia N93.....$220 Nokia 1100....$55 Nokia 2100....$45 Nokia 2300....$60 Nokia...
  18. iMav

    Plasma & LCD TV, what are they ...

    A little something which along with my xp=vista tut was also pending ... Gone are the days of the CRT ... i have been reading about these 2 technologies which are changing the TVs we watch and to my surprise they being in our syllabus i decided to compile this text in which i will try my level...
  19. Jags

    view PC on TV..???

    hi.. i want to direct the output of my PC on to a Plasma TV (obviously quality is a BIG issue).. can u tell me how can i do that .. thanx
  20. M

    lcd or plasma

    hi guys i want to buy hdtv for xbox 360 in budget of 1 lakh so as i m going to use it for gaming mainly shud i go for lcd or plasma can u suggest some popular models?thanks:-)
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