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Need Gaming head phones under 5K


CyberdyneSystems Model101
Hi Guys,

Help me in buying Gaming head phones for my PC. I play FPS and Racing/car sims. Preferably i am looking for surround headphones like Platronics 777 or G35. Should have nice Punchy Bass(not boomy kind) since I am a BASS freak. And yea, should double up for watching Movies as well. I have short listed logitech G35, still i need your opinions.


In the zone

I have a G35 and it's pretty decent from my experience. But I only got it because the Roccat Kave wasn't available when I was shopping.

The G35 is virtual surround while the Kave is true 5.1 surround. If you don't mind virtual surround, there are also headsets like the Creative Sigma Tactical 3D and the Steelseries headphones which are decent.

Cooler Master has also released the Storm Sirius which offers true 5.1 surround.

The thing to remember is, because of the narrow sound space, you won't really get the full surround effect like a 5.1 speaker setup. For gaming purposes, I would suggest you buy a really good Stereo headset like the Razer Carcharias, which imho is the best stereo gaming headset out there atm.

the choice is yours..


Buy a roccat kave since you are going to be using it out and out for gaming ... Read a lot of reviews when i was buying a headphone , i ended up with ad700 as my main aim was not only gaming.

You can get a roccat kave for arnd 5.5k-5.6k , if strict in budget i would say go for razer carcharias or plantronics gamecom 377 . i think g35 also goes to 5.6-6k
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