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  1. kool

    cheapest mobile with phonebook synck [Help me to buy]

    Guys, My dad's cell Nokia 2730 is teared off, and lil bit damaged also. so want to buy a new mobile phone. My budget:Rs.3k Must have features: Phonebook sync like Nokia Ovi suite. my dad is lawyer (currently 950 contacts in his contact list), backup/restore easily Phonebook Battery...
  2. kool

    *Urgent* Mobile under Rs.5000 with trnasferrable phonebook from old Nokia 2700.

    Hi, My dad lost his cellphone NOKIA 2700c in which more than 800 contacts were saved, but I've backup in my PC with the help of PC SUITE. now again he want some simple, easy to use set. So guys suggest me any Nokia cell under Rs.5000 in which i can transfer old phonebook from PC Suite. ...
  3. dhanusaud

    MotoQ 9h

    does anybody knows how 2 format moto q 9h? i wanna delete all the data including phonebook, calender, images etc....ect.... not a master reset. plz...help guys.:(
  4. R

    Phonebook transfer of Huawei C5320

    All, I have recently purchased a Huawei c5320 cdma Handset. Problem is my Phonebook on my computer is in a .csv format. Any idea about how I can convert the same to the .dat format (recognised by Huawei)? Please help as in the alternative, I would have to manually enter the whole phonebook...
  5. Sridhar_Rao

    How to backup address in phonebook

    I have SE z550i and I would like to backup the contacts in my phonebook to my PC just in case.. I have sony ericssson pc suite, but do not know how to use it. I used the wizard to synchronise the device (handset & my laptop) via bluetooth. I used the option in the phone to send the contacts...
  6. kool

    Basic cellphone upto Rs.3000 with large phonebook... help..

    Dear friends, I want to buy mobile with basic features only, upto Rs.3000. I want this cell for my dad, he use only for calling/receiving, so it doesn't matter that its B/W or COLOR!! My dad is not interested in FM, downloadable tones, wallpapers, sms blah-blah!! Just a simple phone with these...
  7. Akshay

    Recover phonebook for from PC

    I happened to hard format my n6600. I even formatted my MMC card. I had taken a backup of my phonebook using pbktransfer. But now after reinstallation, the backup file is not recognised by the program. I had also "copy & paste" my entire MMC card on my PC. My phonebook was on MMC. Can anyone...
  8. Akshay

    Report - K508i

    Well its been over a month I have been using Sony Ericsson K508i... Few experiences and suggestions: If you have signal problem, SE is a definite no-no. Nothing beats the Nokia in the signal reception One more problem that I have come across is the phonebook. Even if I'v stored a number in...
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