Petrol up by Rs 5 a litre; LPG up Rs 50

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The government on Wednesday increased the price of petrol by Rs 5 a litre and that of diesel by Rs 3 a litre. The price of an LPG too has gone up by Rs 50 a cylinder.

Petroleum Minister Murli Deora has also proposed double price for extra cooking gas cylinders. He has also proposed a new distribution scheme for LPG cylinders. Only 8 cylinders will be allowed at the current rates. All extra cylinders will cost twice the amount.

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Legen-wait for it-dary!
And a chance for all you people to prove that the microwave can be used for cooking something other than popcorn and papad.


Slideshow Bob



WTF is the common man supposed to do now???? *


Leave it to the UPA to screw things up, atleast when the NDA was in power they kept the prices at check.


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Why doesn't the bloody Govt. increase the price of petroleum products while reducing the cess and other **** taxes? All the taxes go into the Govt. taxes. We agree that increase in the price of fuel in inevitable.. but why don't they reduce the tax? We pay income tax, prof. tax, education tax, infrastu. tax, sewage tax, water tax, service tax, entry tax, exit tax, birth tax, death tax, .. this tax.. that tax.. **** tax... you name it and we pay it!!


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Customs duty on crude has been reduced to nil from 5%.

The price hike will be effective from midnight today. So fuel up today.


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So it will be Rs 57.00 in Bangalore, my friend told me that shell is costing Rs 71.00 for its super petrol, last time i used shell it cost me Rs 62.00 per litre.


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OMG!!!..i guess i will have to leae my car now and get a bullock cart..

anyone knos where to get a bullock cart in EMI???


anyone good here in optics??
hmm... wats the heat generated by a convex lens with focal length abt 2-3 mm.
data insufficient i know.
was jus wondering whether a number of convex lens or concave mirrors can be placed over 1X1 feet area on the roof top of bldgs and and below it place a string of copper wires.
will the wires be heated up enough to carry energy to the household for cooking purposes? act as a substitute for hot plates?

seems far fetched but jus thought someone here mite know a bit more abt this stuff!!


Rockin g33k can do that...but the copper wires will radiate heat to the extent that it will be the same..
aare kerosene prices havent been increased..dump cuking oil and adhere to "mitti ka tel"

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