1. I

    How about tech co-operatives?

    Hi all! Just been doing some late night reading on cooperatives and how workers control the business, have more say in the running of the company and have a larger share of the profits, instead of one person or a small group of persons. How do you reckon will tech co-operatives do in India ...
  2. D

    anti piracy strikes back -Bachelor Party on the Net lands many in police net

    In what is billed as a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, the anti-piracy cell of the Kerala Police has registered cases against 1,010 persons for illegally uploading or downloading on the Internet the Malayalam movie Bachelor Party. This includes a Keralite engineering student...
  3. T

    Did you know ? Bill Gates.....

    Yes Yes Yes!!! Did you know that Bill Gates is a college drop out ? And yet he is one of the richest persons of the world!!! see this link
  4. johnjjx

    FS : Nokia N82 - local warranty 6-7 months old

    Price : 11k shipped. location : mumbai bought for 19.8k bill shall be provided Only genuinely interested persons pm me...for pics and other details. Please dont low ball. Use pm's. Thanx.
  5. vamsi_krishna

    VLC 1.0.0 is out...

    I know, I know, You may be telling that i'm the last person to know this news. But I'm afraid that there would be other persons who are slower than me in tech watching. Size- 18MB(Approx)
  6. D

    Is it safe to buy mobile in indiatimes/sifymall/rediff/ebay

    Pls i want to buy a moblie and prices r less on online sites like indiatimes sify rediff ebay problem is it is sold buy some persons and not the site pls tell ur personal xperiences to help me thanx in adv
  7. chahal63

    Mail Attachment query!

    Hello friends, How can I send an .exe or .reg extension file as e-mail attachments. I don't want to change extension as the persons to whom I am sending these attachments are laymans. Please help me...!
  8. T

    how to get the total printed count for my printer????

    hi all, i have laser jet printer 1022. many persons take print out from this computer and this printer is also attached to LAN and its shared. well, i wanted to know if there is any default setting provided by printer driver setting by which i can know how many pages has been printed and...
  9. damnthenet

    Do you believe?...

    Hello There are many beliefs around the world, especially in India. Astrology, numerology, nameology are a few to name... Apart from these, there are also people who believe in predictions made by Nostradamus and other such persons. Keeping religious beliefs apart, what do you people...
  10. S

    6680 for sell

    iam selling my 6680 , just 2 weeks used , nothing wrong with it , along with two memory sticks. interested persons pm , iam selling just for getting another phone.. my quote amount is 13750/- ..... quote your amount
  11. T

    IM Danger / Hacking ?????

    Can someone hack / take advantage of ur PC when ur with a IM convo with him (msn messenger) ? And is it possible to locate the person's location (who ur chatting with) on IM ??
  12. mohit sharma

    about microsoft beta versions ?

    hi hav a little query guys , microsoft had relesed windows vista beta version and win fx file system's beta versions. so who r the persons 2 whom these test versions are given 2 try and are they available to all ?
  13. ramprasad

    How to BCC in Outlook

    Hi All I use Outlook XP. I want to send mails to certain persons using BCC. but in my new mail window, BCC is not listed... But I can add persons to BCC list when I send it from my address book... SO suggest me a way to add the BCC box to my new mail so that it stays there always...
  14. A

    Information Wanted

    I have noticed many person's have a caption like "In-House Geek" etc. Mine is "Analogue Novice". How do I change this? Also many person's signature has pictures. How do I add one for mine?
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