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Is it safe to buy mobile in indiatimes/sifymall/rediff/ebay

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Pls i want to buy a moblie and prices r less on online sites like indiatimes sify rediff ebay
problem is it is sold buy some persons and not the site

pls tell ur personal xperiences to help me

thanx in adv


no problems coz. . . they are reputed sites. . but the prices mentioned there is not the actual price!

i would suggest you to purchase elsewhere


No it isn't. One of the dealers himself told me that a lot of the mobiles are refurbished/smuggled/doctored. Yes it will come with the sticker, guarantee card and all, you will know when you run into trouble, whether its worth the paper its printed on :D


Although these are reputed and genuine sites......but I will suggest you to buy from local market..for better support and service.


dig_boy_dig,dig !
Recently I have purchased a mini vaccum cleaner from sify mall (supplier Delhi Mall)
Rs.999+45=1044/-. Which I found very cheap from local market and the quality and appearence is also good. The product is made in china. They dont give me any Bill/Cash Memo. Only proof of purchase is the email received from them. Considering the amount of my purchase it is good. But in case of high amount I am also confused to purchase online. Recently I thinking about to purchase a camcoder because there is price difference of 2500/- to 4500/- with the authorised dealers price of the brand sony/panasonic for the camcoder ranging Rs10000/- to 20000/-. Only difference I found authorised dealers provide 3 yrs company gurantee and online shopper provide vendors gurantee form 3 months to 12 month(max).
Till I am not decided what to do.


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Indiaplaza.in is selling it directly. i mean no by the site not any thirdparty dealer


dig_boy_dig,dig !
gurujee said:
Indiaplaza.in is selling it directly. i mean no by the site not any thirdparty dealer
But their prices are same as authorised dealers price. Then why anyone will not purchase from there nearest dealer except those who have no deales to their nearest area.
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