1. G

    Court can't test validity of personal law: Muslim body Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to SC

    Court can't test validity of personal law: Muslim body Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to SC | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysi If Supreme Court cant upheld rule of law and sanctity of constitution, what's the use of it. Because it seems that muslim bodies are in no mood to reform or...
  2. A

    best performance laptop in ₹60-65k

    I want to buy a well built performance laptop upto a max of ₹65k and will also need some gaming and should be used for day to day personal use please help
  3. T

    What is a good isp in Mumbai, bandra (world net? )

    I am looking for a new isp with a stable network for a 2 mbps unlimited plan. Dc/lan sharing service is preferred but not necessary. I will not use you Tele, mtnl or Hathaway... Friends have suggested against them.. Also, bad personal experiences. I am looking to switch to world net right...
  4. ajayritik

    External HDD upon connecting gives message need to format

    My friend's External HDD when connected gives a message the drive needs to be formatted. He has some important files in the HDD like Personal Videos pictures which he would like to access. Can someone please suggest how this can be recovered? Its WD External HDD.
  5. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on creating partition on new 2TB HDD WD Red

    I Recently bought a 2 TB Internal HDD from WD. Need suggestions on the partition I need to create. I intend to use this as the only HDD. I'm not sure about the existing HDD's that I have so want to use the new one as the one for both OS and storing Personal files, movies etc. What should be...
  6. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on 2 TB 3.5 " Internal HDD

    I need to get hold of one 2 TB internal HDD for my personal PC. I have multiple HDD's and it's becoming difficult managing them. Their primary purpose is to store torrent files and personal photos and videos. Please suggest some options.
  7. Vyom

    The Blogger's Thread

    The Blogger's Thread Promotion of blog for commercial reason is against the rules of the forum. Hence this thread is only to share your personal blogs and have discussions on them. As long as discussions remain on this thread and you don't start PMing about them to members you are safe. If we...
  8. D

    Where can I buy self encrypting HDD/SSD in India?

    I googled. But all results lead to "theory" of self encrypting drives. I want to buy "Self encrypting" (hardware base/built-in) HDD/SSD for my personal laptop to protect my personal and most valuable data. Please suggest a website or retailer where I can buy the same. Thank you.
  9. L

    The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in RI

    Mr. Calcagni is also an experienced civil litigator. He formerly belonged to a boutique civil litigation firm that specializes in representing Plaintiffs in Complex Personal Injury actions such as medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence, and product liability.
  10. IndianRambo

    Help me to buy new WiFi router

    Hi guys I'm using Airtel broadband in my PC. I want to setup Wi-Fi in my home which is 2500sqft. I really confused whether to take router alone or along with modem. My personal need is to connect internet and file sharing to laptop,tablet and my mobile
  11. NoasArcAngel

    is troll time. (plz dont close this)

    think you got the balls to troll? enter for a uncensored FULL ON TROLLING... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  12. shaurya.malik88

    LG announces a 27" personal Smart TV.

    Lg has announced a 27" personal smart tv which would have all the features a Smart Tv has. It would be a Full HD ips dispaly and have 3d capabilities as well. the smart features in it would allow you to browse the internet and get connected with facebook and other social networking sites as...
  13. sahil1033

    Best earphones under 1K

    Share your personal experience and suggestions :)
  14. d6bmg

    Any other sites like DX

    Lately saw many complaint about non-delivery, very late delivery about DX, so now, I'm afraid to order anything from them. Any other reliable sites like DX? Suggest! If you have personal experience in dealing with any one of thm then it would be great!
  15. Maddd

    Linkedin launches new iPad app to 'engage more users'

    Professional social network Linkedin has launched an iPad app in a bid to encourage more users to engage with the service. Manish Sharma, Linkedin's product manager, said in a blog post that the app aims "to provide the most engaging experience for iPad users." "Our mobile platform is...
  16. M

    free printed article delevering site, what is the benifit they looking??

    Dudes, now around the net, there is a lot of sites, offering free personal articles as a free for new users, after registering, they will provide a Promo code. last time i ordered a personal album soft copy, it shows Rs.279, after putting the promo code, it got 0. and just paid the shipping...
  17. O

    # Quick Look at NEW iPhone 4S - Don't Miss!

    At last.......its only new wine in OLD bottle! iPhone 4S Look-wise similar to iPhone 4 (same 3.5" retina display,front & back glass with metal rim), A5 dual core proxy-faster, Better antenna design 8MP cam (advanced lens system) 3264 x 2448 + 1080p HD video recording...
  18. P

    Need software Indian Karoke

    Friends, Can you please suggest me software which i can use it to set up a Karoke at home. I want to play indian songs (Hindi, and other regional languages) and record it too... mainly as part of my song practice. If you can detail on how to setup a personal recording studio with Karoke...
  19. T

    Suggestions for 22'' LCD/LED monitor

    Want to buy a 22'' Full HD monitor :grin: Please suggest below 7k, or if its very good then 8k (because IMO 1k doesn't really buy me much difference) !! Also please add in your personal experience if you have used the suggested monitor... Thanks. Will be waiting for your replies...
  20. NewsBytes

    AeroFS: syncing with or without the cloud

    Synchronization is becoming increasingly important as we spread our lives across multiple devices, and a number of services such as Dropbox and SugarSync have arisen to take up this challenge. Unfortunately, this increasing need for synchronization is also accompanied by an...
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