Suggestions for 22'' LCD/LED monitor


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Want to buy a 22'' Full HD monitor :grin: Please suggest below 7k, or if its very good then 8k (because IMO 1k doesn't really buy me much difference) !!
Also please add in your personal experience if you have used the suggested monitor...

Thanks. Will be waiting for your replies. :doublethumb:


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BenQ G2200HD is a full hd monitor.Its resolution is 1920x1080 (22'') and its around 7k.It will be a bang for a buck.


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Yes its lcd but with no HDMI & USB support.Still it has DVI & VGA port(supporting HDCP).Go here BenQ G2220HD Review < Full-HD LCD Monitors Review, Price, Features, Specs, User Opinions < PC World India Reviews<


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How much LED would cost same full HD. I believe its gives 30 percentage extra brightness which i seen live in a 32 inch same brand side by side and it really awesome.


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Re: Suggestions for 27'' samsung LED monitor

Where to BUY samsung 27 inch led monitor in KOLKATA . please help me guys.............and tell me the shop name, and price......
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