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  1. Zangetsu

    Best EQ Settings you use

    Hi All, We have many Audiophiles here, so thought of discussing about achieving the perfect sound in Music. Which EQ settings you guys use ? or custom made ? I read many sites but haven't got a perfect one yet.
  2. R

    Best android under 10K

    >Budget - 10K >Display - 4" to 5" [ Strictly NOT more than 5" ] >Brand - Any >Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)? FB, Gmail & Youtube. No camera, No gaming. > Want a good battery life! *As a side note: I'm selling my iPhone 4 to buy this, it is...
  3. D

    Call recorder for Android

    I have downloaded dozen of them from play store but none of them works perfect. Post the link or give me the exact name if you have used one.
  4. R

    [GIVEAWAY] NEW Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition for FREE ($99.95 value)

    NEW Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition for FREE ($99.95 value) Perfect Effects 8 Offer – onOne Software EXPIRES JAN. 28, 2014 :wink:
  5. theserpent

    Need help with an Assingment

    My economics assignment topic is Relationship between Price and Revenue under Perfect Competion and Monoply Market Other than this Relationship between price and revenue of a perfect competitive firm I din't find any thing else other than this,Googling also dint help I Need to write at least...
  6. R

    Car Subwoofer for computer - 5.1 Bass home theatre!

    Hi guys i had this idea of getting a car sub running for my computer and finally i made up my mind did some research on how to do it and Successfully got it up and running perfect! Its just so awesome now , all games and movies are perfectly balanced with bass ( which i adjusted for many many...
  7. shuhailnp

    Resale price of karbonn a11

    Hello I am thinking of selling my Karbonn A11 3 months old (2 feb 13) , what price should i quote ?? any suggestion . Phone is perfect, no scratch,no fault , its with with full accesories and box.
  8. Anorion

    features of a perfect digital distrubution service

    what are the features of a perfect digital distribution service? - file available in multiple file formats and multiple sizes (no clue why this is not done already, it's so obvious) - drm free, unsure abt this one, drm may help and facilitate these services, maybe option at a premium - entire...
  9. kartikoli

    AMD Phenom X4 960T (stable unlock to 6 core) + HTC Desire X bluetooth

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:AMD Phenom X4 960T (stable unlock to 6 core) Expected Price: Rs 5600/- Shipped now Time of Purchase: 22-feb-2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 22-feb-2015 Reason for Sale: Upgrade Purchase...
  10. ramakanta

    Registry Cleaner

    there is lot of Registry Cleaner available when google. but i want to know , what is the best of best registry cleaner ?? please help me which registry cleaner is perfect. thank you.:|
  11. R

    Dell Gaming Laptop : Inspiron 15R Turbo v/s Inspiron 15Z Ultrabook

    Check out the configurations... Both seem perfect. Can't decide which 1. Plz help.
  12. koolent

    Need help modding my cabinet..

    Hi, I am Kush Mishra, the summer vacations are about to start and we need something to do during then.. I wanted to ask which material and cutting tools are good for plasticw and metals.. After that, which material should I use to rebuild the cut surface as desired.. If anyboy here...
  13. koolent

    The best for the best configuration.. Plzz

    Hi there, I am having a budget of Rs. 10,000 and I need A perfect graphics card and a perfect PSU Under this my current PSU is 180 W.. My system configuration is: Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz RAM : 2 GB DDR3 Slot : x16 PCI-E PSU : 180 W OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Suggest me...
  14. P

    RAM upgrade required for Laptop

    I bought Sony Vaio VPCEG25EN few days back with stock 2GB RAM and now I feel i require another 2GB minimum. The Authorized service station guys are asking for 4K which I know is way too much. Below is the specification of the stock ram - Please suggest me a perfect RAM that would fit in the...
  15. Sathish

    Need perfect PHP IDE in Ubuntu

    anybody help me.?
  16. D

    Need Mobo,GPU,PSU and Cabinet

    hi, my friend is planning to buy a i3 system. he needs mobo, GPU, and PSU for the system.ddr3 based system. can anyone suggest him a perfect mobo, gpu and cabinet, RAM he is into gaming and watching movies stuff. budget-25K.(without Proc)
  17. nakulvit

    ASUS EAH5870 1GB DDR5 Card

    Asus eah5870 I bought the card in January 2010. Price expected 18,000 (With shipping) Anyone interested? If anyone wants details, they can check http://www.thinkdigit.com/Gaming/Asus-launches-DirectX-11-packing-HD5850-and-HD5870_3526.html It's in perfect condition and i don't need to tell...
  18. champ_rock

    ASUS laptop 512mb ram , pentitum M proc(Delhi)

    Hi I m selling my old ASUS laptop. It doesnt have any bill. The config is as follows: 1. 40gb hdd 2. 512mb ram 3. Pentium M processor 1.6ghz (CD lens is weak now and many times gives problems while reading cds) . Apart from it the laptop is working in perfect condition and gives...
  19. G

    Help Improve my site.

    I have recently launched new site i.e. http://www.mahadarshan.co.in/ I have explored some tourist places of Maharashtra and I need some suggestions to improve my site regarding designing, additions / deletions etc. to make my site perfect.
  20. keith_j_snyder2

    FS: Intel downloading rig

    Got some of the components mentioned follows: 1. Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHZ(Socket 478). 2. Intel Original D845GEBV2(AGP slot). 3. 256MB DDR 333MHZ RAM. The above combination makes a perfect downloading rig. Selling for 1800/- + shipping at actual. Interested can PM me.
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