1. Neo

    Queries regarding Kindle Paperwhite

    Q1 how well can I read a "textbook" in kindle? (engineering books, NCERT Books) Q2 how bad is reading a pdf file? Can I convert said pdf to a kindle-friendly format and read it properly? Q3 can I take notes/highlight text/underline etc in books and pdfs? Q3 what do I do If a book I have to...
  2. G

    Mozilla to Adobe: PDFs don't need no more steenking plugins

    Source Pdf.js Pdf Viewer
  3. D

    edit pdf in batch - zoom in on pages

    I have pdf book(s) which i read in full screen 2 page layout. The pdf has 10% white space on all each pdf's way to remove/zoom out each of the page in batch? - without doing edit on each page..
  4. mitraark

    Cheapest Simple Scanner Kolkata

    Hello everyone , I am looking forward to buy a scanner , for scanning Class Notes and Books [ Lots and LOTS of them ] and making PDF's of them[ Now we use Mobile Camera for the purpose :( , not really efficient ] I want the cheapest , simple scanner available , no extra features needed ...
  5. phuchungbhutia

    Need FAQ on computer science , urgent please !

    I need some faqs on computer science topics and subjects for making qna, please . It must be on programming languages like c, c plus, dotnet , java , so on, then networking , software engineering, database management , and so on . Please suggest the websites i can follow , download links for...
  6. A

    how to compress pdf file

    I have pdfs of different kind with pages of which go beyond 1000 at the file is only 2-3mb and some pdfs with much less pages are more than 50 mb and yesterday I made some pdfs with pdf creator and the files with 500 and 700 pages turn out to be 370-400 mb, how to make them below 10 mb or what...
  7. S

    Creating PDFs

    I need to create pdf files from scratch. Are there any softwares for doing that ? I could only find softwares which converts doc files to pdfs & from other formats to pdfs.
  8. a_to_z123

    Where can I get Digit PDFs?

    Hi guys, I'm not a Digit subscriber... Tell me is there somewhere I can get Digit PDFs of old editions?? If not found online then will it be legal if someone shares them with others here in this forum by giving the links of the uploads?? Please clarify!!
  9. Cyrus_the_virus

    Adobe hands over copyright to PDF format

    PDFs will soon become the international standard for electronic documents after Adobe relinquished control of the copyright to ISO. The move is part of Adobe's plans to make such movement of files more open, and as the most popular standard, PDFs will now be even easier to create and move. "By...
  10. ankushkool

    Digit Mag n Fast track PDF

    As digit is givin it 4 free on their DVD is it possible 4 someone 2 upload de PDF's. Thanks
  11. paragkalra

    Software for Reading PDFs

    Hi friends........ I am a regular reader of Linux Documentations..... Thus I read large number of PDF dossiers(files) every now then...... Can anyone please tell is it possible to get a software (either for windows or for linux) that would read all the PDFs.........
  12. N

    Where can I find Prevous Digit pdfs in Digit Dec-05 mag DVD

    I had problem. I have not received the solution yet. I bought a December-05 magazine. I bought this issue just becos of the archieve those previous magzine.But I could not find any previous digit magazine pdfs. I am unablle to find in the DVD yet. If anybody can tell me where to find digit...
  13. siriusb

    Scary font replaces regular in acrobat

    Hi, I have aobe acrobat 7.0 pro. When i view most of the pdfs, if I try to zoom-in/out or scroll-down, the font for the entire dcoument changes from the normal font to this: The change occurs at the redrawing place, that is, at the bottom or at the top while the unredrawn place remains...
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