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  1. D

    toshiba 2tb canvio connect ii 2tb purchase

    Recently ordered wd my passport ultra ii (white)from amazon but the my passport font were tilted downwards due to printing defect which looked ugly..That was not an issue until I figured 1tb was not going to be enough for me and came across this and the review was good but since my internal...
  2. omega44-xt

    WD My Passport Ultra (2015)

    This year during April-May, a new model of My Passport Ultra popped up in online sites like Amazon & Snapdeal (still unavaiable in Flipkart) for a price bit lower than older one. It has new looks, but internally, it seems to be the same. I bought it from Amazon for ₹ 3899 in Lightning Deal...
  3. V

    Buying WD My Passport Ultra online

    #1: Cross-checking the WD external HDD My Passport Ultra on My Passport Ultra - Premium Portable Storage against those on amazon/flipkart I find that the part numbers do not match. WD Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Drive - WD : Flipkart.com mentions Part Number as WDBMWV0020BBL...
  4. ratul

    [URGENT] Fresh Passport HELP!!!

    I might need to go in about a month, so i have read numerous blog posts, comments and psk website for a fresh passport application, and i think the only way to get a passport in this duration is Tatkal scheme. I tried applying for a passport last year, but exhausted all my appointments missing...
  5. theserpent

    [Praise] WD My Passport has stopped detecting

    My WD My passport 1 TB HDD, had a small fall.No damage. It showed the contents for 2-3 seconds, now it does not detect.Though the light is blinking. What do I do?
  6. B

    Both FAT and NTFS partition in WD Passport

    Hi Guys My cousin got a WD passport HDD. It's default filesystem is NTFS. Now Android phones with OTG can't read NTFS file systen until and unless you are rooted and even if your are then there are bugs in the software which reads this file system. So, having FAT system is the only viable...
  7. sam_738844

    [Query] WD My Passport Crash with Data loss

    Hello guys, Just want to know if this unit can be replaced or not, is still under warranty. its a WD My Passport 1 TB, crashed, unrecoverable, data loss of 857GB. Lucky I have backup of 500GB. What would be the procedure to get it replaced?
  8. seamon

    WD ext. HDD.

    I am confused between WD Elements 2 TB and WD My Passport 2 TB. What's the difference between them? Which one should I buy? According to FK reviews, My passport gives full 2 TB whereas Elements gives only 1.85-1.9TB.
  9. seamon

    2 TB external HDD.

    I wanted a 2 TB external HDD which supports USB 3.0. Should I go for WD Passport Ultra HDD? I am buying it in April.
  10. saswat23

    External HDD Selection

    Guy, I am planning to get a new Ext. HDD. Probably from WD for their TopNotch service. I just want to know which one to go for? WD Elements 1TB or WD Passport Ultra 1TB I actually dont get the difference between the two (except for the Ultra has some encryption thing)
  11. Blue Ripazah

    the two giants which one to go for ?

    seagate 1 tb or wd 1 tb need to buy in a weeks time . seagate expansion or wd passport.
  12. avichandana20000

    comparison Needed

    What factor is driving the price among these ? WD Elements 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive 5150/- WD My Passport 1 TB External Hard Disk 6999/- WD My Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive 4390/- (all flipkart price)
  13. S


    For Sale ! Product Name: WD 2 TB MY PASSPORT ULTRA PORTABLE USB 2.0 HDD(USB Powered) Expected Price: Rs 8500 (non-negotiable)(Take it or leave it.) Shipping charges:-Shipping @ actual. Manufacturer page URL: My Passport Ultra Description if any: BRAND NEW AND...
  14. B

    Need 1TB External Hard disk

    hello... i need a 1 TB external hard disk. i have a 1TB WD passport hard disk it is almost full. i need to buy a new one. i was going to buy the same WD hard disk, but last week i connected my WD passport to my friends laptop. he had connected his hardisk (also the same WD 1TB), my disk was...
  15. S

    EXTERNAL HARD DISK- WD My Passport OR SEGATE backup plus

    I NEED A NEW 1TB EXTERNAL HARD DISK .which one should i opt for ?:-( WD My Passport OR Seagate backup plus my system config- USB 3 , intel i3 1.9ghz, WINDOWS 8 ,500 gb WD,4GB RAM,AMD RADION 7670,(dell inspiron 5321)
  16. D

    WD My Passport problem

    Hello guys, I had ordered WD My passport 1 TB external hard disk from flipkart and received it today.But the IMEI/Serial No on invoice is different from the Serial No that is printed on the product box. Also there is some tik tik sound coming from the hdd when it is not in use(as if a...
  17. tejjammy

    How to choose the perfect Portable HDD??

    Hello guys! Firstly sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I wanted some help regarding Portable HDD. I want to buy a HDD with 1TB storage and should have USB 3.0 connectivity. I looked up many places and found that the prices vary from 4500-6000. Which companies are reliable? Can you...
  18. D

    WD My Passport problem ...

    Hi all, I have a 1TB WD My passport, I brought it about 2.5 yrs ago. It had about 800 GB of data(mainly TV Series, Movies and Games... I almost had a heart attack :( ), one day I plugged it into the system,, first it didn't detected the drive than after 2-3 tries it detected it but whenever I...
  19. V

    WD External HDD: Elements vs Passport

    What's the difference between WD My Passport and WD Elements? I checked the WD site but could not make out any, even the sizes do not differ much. Links to WD site: My Passport , WD Elements Also on flipkart there's a gap of rs 600 for the 1TB models: WD My Passport WD My Passport 1 TB USB...
  20. ShankJ

    Seagate Backup Plus Vs WD My Passport..

    Well my search for a new 1TB HDD at around 5K got me to these two- Seagate Backup Plus WD My Passport I'm unable to decide which to chose from these two(best HDD i could find at around 5K), so a little help would be great..:)
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