1. jkultimate

    Internal HDD partitioning doubt. Help

    Got a Seagate 1 TB Internal HDD. Currently have a WD 160gb Internal HDD So, my plan is to install new Windows in 1 TB HDD. And making that 160gb as back up drive. What sort of partitioning you guys suggest.? Alloting 100 GB for OS drive. Rest how..? And Can I make my older 160 GB to a...
  2. S

    Pen Drive Partitioning

    Hello, I am actually interested in Partitioning my 16 GB Pen drive and the reason for it is that my car media does not recognise a Pen drive which is more than 4 GB. Now can I make 4 Primary Partition of 4 GB each and then fool the car media system to see it as 4GB Pen drive instead of...
  3. piyushlpn

    openSUSE 12.1 GNOME x86_64 installation and dual boot windows 7

    I am trying to install openSUSE 12.1 64bit in my laptop(Dell intel core i5,4gb ram,64bit,ATI 550v 1GB) alongside windows 7.I want to install it in the 40Gb unallocated space that i have created in windows as shown.But while installing ,openSUSE suggested some kind of partitioning which i could...
  4. LegendKiller

    Install Mint thru Windows or wubi

    Hi, i am new to linux........i want to know if i can install linux-mint thru windows??? Can wubi be used and is it safe..... i am asking this because i am worried about partitioning process my only hdd. i have 5 partitions and know how to install windows...
  5. P

    HDD partitioning

    I just got my Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD. Now the thing is that I'm confused with partitioning. What amount of space I should give to c drive?? I uses 3d packages like Maya and 3ds mx etc.
  6. Ponmayilal

    Partition Logic - the free partitioning software

    Has anybody tried this free partitioning software Partition Logic? Details here . Looks quite interesting and it finds a place in PC World's Top 100 - 2008 Edition. May be those in dire need use it and share their experience. Lack of time prevents me from experimenting with it :) The one...
  7. P

    Code 10 error !

    Hi techno guys n gals(if there)! I had recently bought a secondary HDD SATA WD 320Gb 3200AAJS SE8Mb model. Since my Mobo doesnt support SATA standard, I use a PCI SATA adapter. Few weeks back I had trouble formatting it. Full Partitioning more than 50 Gb at once requires patience! On...
  8. S

    New HDD and partitioning

    I have a p4 2.4 Ghz machine ASrock motherboard 20GB HDD 256MB DDR RAM, Win XP Pro and Win 2000. I wanted to install another HD of 160 GB or 250GB. I wanted to keep this new (160 or 250 GB) HD as primary master and 20 GB as primary slave. Can anyone tell me the procedure to be followed after...
  9. S

    Should I pay extra money for HDD partitioning ?

    I m planning to buy Dell Inspiron 1525: Vista and 160Gb HDD. Dell is asking for 516 Rs for partitioning. Should I go for it ???
  10. A

    partitioning COMPAQ LAPTOP

    I hv compaq c752tu laptop with 160 gb sata drive.i hv win vista basic preinstalled on it.i made 5 partitions on it using disk management of vista.i hv 10 gb free space left.i m not able to create a new partition on it.i get message that not enough free space to create new volume...
  11. D

    Please suggest a good freeware Partitioning software

    Please suggest a very good windows based partitioning software which is a freeware like Partition magic
  12. C

    problems with external hard drive

    I was partitioning my external laptop 120 gb hdd, the partitioning software stopped responding and i had to cancell the process. since then my laptop is not recognising hdd. please advice. my laptop is hp core 2 duo 1.6, 1 GB Ram, XP Media Centre,
  13. K

    Formatting & partitioning

    Hi, I am facing a problem, I got a used system , Now when i boot the sys, its asking for the Admin password,[OS: Winxp] I don’t know the password, now I want to format the sys, make partition & install Winxp, So please advice me to do the Formatting & partitioning. [I am familiar with...
  14. T

    problem installing ubuntu help!!!

    i have the live cd of ubuntu 6.06 which has an install option when we boot into the live desktop when i try to partition the harddrive the partitioning fails it is not able to create /delete any new or existing partitions plz help guyz
  15. Mr.Cool

    Partitioning ..........

    HEy guys, i need your help Whats the best way of partitioning a 300 Gb drive ?? I mean, i hate too many partitions and i am keeping aside 15 gb for Linux. So now, whats the best way of partitioning it ?? How many partitions shud i create ? What size ? Thanks....... and...
  16. J

    80 GB HDD Showing only 10GB :(

    I purchased a new 80 GB Barracuda today to connect it into my 845GV M/B P4 machine. I want to keep 98 & XP . While partitioning with Fdisk it shows only 10 GB. Please Help Me ...
  17. T

    hard disk partitioning using cylinders??????????

    hi guys I have problem(bad sectors) in strating of my h.d.d. can anyone tell me how to leave the starting 400-500 mb disk space while partitioning. earlier version of Disk Manager has this option but now it is unavailable.
  18. Z

    Partitioning with Linux

    I have only 80 gb C:\ partition on my computer with windows XP instaled. I want to install Suse 9.1 again, and i want to give 15 gb to linux. Am i gonna loose any data from my windows partition while Suse is partitioning place for its self? Pleezzzz help.....
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