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Partitioning with Linux

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I have only 80 gb C:\ partition on my computer with windows XP instaled. I want to install Suse 9.1 again, and i want to give 15 gb to linux. Am i gonna loose any data from my windows partition while Suse is partitioning place for its self? Pleezzzz help.....


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What you should do is:

Use some software like Ranish Partition Manager to create another partition.
Now install SuSe on the new partition.

This is the easiest, most hassle free way.



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Be on safer side Do this,

Go to ur friends Home(* don't forget to take ur HDD with U),
Backup all ur data in there system,
Come back partetion ur disk accordingly(* one more tip--It`s never a good idea to hv just one or partetion of ur 80GB HDD even not of 40GB HDD)
so make 4partetion at-least(*u`ll ind spped bost up in ur system--nd it hv a certaine logic),
then left 15GB unparted so that linux can take care of that.........

Hope u got it.......


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Thanks guys!!

I had 2 partitions 40 gb and 40 when i bought my laptop, but after i used quick restore CD(got virus lol). It left me only one 80 gb partition. i tried to use computer management tool in Xp. but it doesnt let me resize my C:/

Can i apply same programs for partitioning(as discribed above) to resize my hard drive?
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