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New HDD and partitioning

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I have a p4 2.4 Ghz machine ASrock motherboard 20GB HDD 256MB DDR RAM, Win XP Pro and Win 2000. I wanted to install another HD of 160 GB or 250GB. I wanted to keep this new (160 or 250 GB) HD as primary master and 20 GB as primary slave. Can anyone tell me the procedure to be followed after installing the new HD in the slot ( ie partitioning and formatting etc)

Thnx in advance.


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First, you install the new Hdd as secondary and partition it from within windows. Then you can change the primary and secondary Hdd. There are thousands of other ways eg. booting from a bootable disk and partitioning the new one, but according to me, this procedure wud be the easiest.


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create 2 primary partition
then one extended, inside this logical partitions as many u need


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@DizitalNovice .... +1 .... easy 4 beginners ......

bt any precautionary measures while buying a NEW hdd ?


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cool .... my frd is planning same bt confused betwween ide & sata .....

as his machine is p3 bt if he upgrades then no ide connections .....

mayb he will get ide 2 ......
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