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80 GB HDD Showing only 10GB :(

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I purchased a new 80 GB Barracuda today to connect it into my 845GV M/B P4 machine.

I want to keep 98 & XP . While partitioning with Fdisk it shows only 10 GB.

Please Help Me ...


Cyborg Agent
well this is a strange case !!!

first check the name in the bios,and make sure it shows 80 somewhere

and regarding fdisk,since u say its new try deleting tht partition and then check the total unused space

the good thing is u cannot be fooled by the dealer in this case
coz , he needs to go to MARS to get a 10 gb disk these days !!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Broken In
first check in bios. if it shows 80 gb, attach it to some other pc & use partition magic to make partitions.


Broken In
See if there are any jumper settings. Try fdsik or Partiiton Magic then.

BTW you sure didn't perform a low level format, cos it's quite easy to screw things up!! jk
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