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partitioning COMPAQ LAPTOP

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I hv compaq c752tu laptop with 160 gb sata drive.i hv win vista basic preinstalled on it.i made 5 partitions on it using disk management of vista.i hv 10 gb free space left.i m not able to create a new partition on it.i get message that not enough free space to create new volume.

now i tried installing fedora core 8 on it.again in the partitioning section i was not able to install fedora on that 10 gb section.again i got error that not enough space.sometimes i got message that it is a bug of fedora.what should i do to make new partition on my hd.
btw i m able to expand my c drive and add that 10 gb of space to it throgh disk manag in vista.


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ok use some softwares like partition magic and create your new partition. i do not know about VISTA partitioning but partition magic has an option where you can format and create partition for linux, you can also create swap space.
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