1. B

    Connecting two modems with one phone line

    Hello Friends, My friend is using SHITtel broadband. He has a phone line in one room and a parallel one in other room in which there is no wifi signal of the modem which is kept in the first room. He is planning to get a splitter for the second room and connect a modem with the parallel line...
  2. Desmond

    Parallella: The $99 Linux supercomputer

    Move over Raspberry Pi, here comes Adapteva's Parallella, a low-cost parallel chip board for Linux supercomputing. Source: Parallella: The $99 Linux supercomputer | ZDNet
  3. P

    Laptop with 70k

    I need a laptop within 70k! Not much of gaming but for heavy programming and parallel computing. With i7 and a good Graphics card. Any brand is ok!
  4. Ayuclack

    Add Cool Multi Function LCD To Your PC !!

    Ever wished to know whats going on your pc while you were gaming or while your monitor was switched off without checking it? Or ever thought if you could possibly show PC stats or tell you when there is a new mail without checking it? Or atleast are you a CPU modder looking for cool stuffs? Well...
  5. windchimes

    Doubts on Live Streaming your program

    Hi Digitians, Wish to know which is the best service for free live streaming. I want to do it for an event I am planning and got 3 programs running in parallel. Wish to know what all would be the requirements and how should I go about it. New to the whole thing and any help would be...
  6. raksrules

    Parallel to USB connection for Epson Printer

    I have a old Epson LQ 300 dot matrix Printer which has a parallel port. I am currently using this printer with my old desktop with windows 98 OS. But recently i got a laptop and have Vista and XP in dual boot mode. Now i need to use this dot matrix printer with the laptop. I did find one...
  7. T

    Present value of that (old)config?

    What will be the value of that config at present? 17" Compaq CRT Monitor 2.83GHz PIV, 512MB RAM, Combo drive, FDD , 40GB HDD 2x USB ports, serial port, parallel port KB(Samsung, PS2 simple one), Mouse(PS2,TechCom) Proview UPS with 13-14min of backup.
  8. MenTaLLyMenTaL

    Help choose between biostar p43 & msi p43

    I'll be buying a comp after 24th nov. I've narrowed down onto these two mobos. Wont be OCing much - coz currently, i have no knowledge of OC and i wasnt thinking of OCing at all when i first started to search for mobos. But just so that it will be fun later on, i'll do some. Things i need is...
  9. *GandaBerunda*

    how to dual boot vista and win98?

    I am currently dual booting my computer with vista ultimate and win xp. I also want to install win98 as it is easier to use the parallel port in it and also for many other reasons. Can anyone tell me if its possible?
  10. U

    GMA3100 & Driver parallel lines

    hi guys can u please help me i hav drive parallel lines and i tried to run it on my pc q6600-2.4 Ghz 2 gig 667mhz gma3100
  11. Ganeshkumar

    Ideas Needed for Technical Symphosium

    Hi all :):) Around Feb 2nd week, We are going to conduct a Technical Symposium in my dept. of Electronics & Instrumentation, here in Anna University... We planned to do these.... # Paper presentation # QUIZ(general and technical) # Pot pourri - non technical fun quiz # C programming #...
  12. H

    Parallel port to USB

    Hi Al I have been using HP Deskjet 640C printer which has a Parallel port connectivity. Now having bought laptop I cannot use it because the laptop only has the USB output.. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me which convereter to use and also if possible an image showing what it looks...
  13. digit i am thinking

    how is Driver parallel lines?

    how is Driver parallel lines? first i thought it is a racing game.but it look like GTA.
  14. S

    use same printer for two systems

    We have hp 3015 all in one laser printer with parallel port and un USB port on it. Is it possible to connect that printer with parallel port for one system and usb for other system so that we can use the same printer together. I know we can share the printer over network, but i want to know has...
  15. jal_desai

    Laptop to sell

    hello guys, i have a laptop which i brought back in march 2005. its a compaq presario m2000 series laptop ... its basic statistics are: 1.30 GHz Intel Celeron M Processor 256 MB RAM DVD Combo Drive 3 USB Ports Parallel Port for Printer/scanner Card Reader (SD,MS/Pro,MMC,SM and XD...
  16. MysticDews

    I dont want my motherboard to blow up!!!

    Would my motherboard really blow up?? As a part of a project, i need to make an model car that draws power from the PC's parallel port. So i want to know, is it safe to use the parallel port cable used for printers for this purpose? How do i go about it? Tried googling but all i got was...
  17. kool


    Dear friends, i've INTEX TV TUNER CARD (internel). i've only one TV and cable connection in my dining hall. Now i've bought this TV card for my pc. When i inserted cable connection to my tv card it works fine, after this i bought low cost parallel wire that uses in tv antenna on roof. Its not...
  18. arunks

    ubuntu kbubuntu edubuntu

    whats difference between these three.. i dont know one organisation is dealing with three releases in parallel.. also any body plz tell me buts basic diffrence in kde and gnome
  19. M

    how come sata is faster.....

    hey all this crossed my mind several times before.... how come serial ATA hd is faster than parallel ATA hds...while it is a common fact that parallel data transfer is always faster than serial data transfer..? any answers... i tried the searching the forum but couldnt find a topic...
  20. G

    parallel Multiple download

    Hi friends Is there any program in which user can specify multiple Ftps for a large File (like Linux distros) to download in parallel from these FTPs. Thanks and Regards
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