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  1. bhushan2k

    Gaming rig for friend..35-40k

    his rig cost (local shop at lamington): intel 3570k 14000 asrock z77 extreme 4 10000 gskill ripjaws 8gb 1866mhz 4800 seasonic 520w 80 plus bronze 4200 sapphire radeon 7770 8100 nzxt 2900 ocz vertex 3 60gb 3450 my view: m suggesting him to not go for overclockable rig..no need as of...
  2. warfreak

    Intel i7 3770 + Asus B75 M LE good combination?

    My friend just bought a new system with the titled configuration. I suggested an overclockable config but he does not prefer to OC. So is the above configuration right for him?
  3. Tobuscus

    Core i5 2400 or 2500k for 50k?

    Hey everybody! So i was going to assemble a budget-gaming pc for playing games like Skyrim,Crysis etc.Here was my original config. Benq 21.5 inch LED - G2222HDL Monitor -Rs. 7855 Zebronics JUDWAA-5 USB 2.0-Rs. 438 Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM -Rs. 1480 Cooler Master Elite 430 Black Mid...
  4. koolent

    Need a new motherboard and RAM...

    Hi, I am Kush Mishra, I want to ask you for a new mainboard suggestion which supports 4 GB DDR 3 RAM and PCI-E 2.1 Slot. It supports Intel core 2 Duo E7400 with an overclockable processor socket. I mostly have the need for a 4GB RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 supported motherboard...
  5. ashis_lakra

    P35 vs P43

    Hi, I know this is odd as compared to newer generation chipsets, but my games still run bad in g31 chipset.. I don't want to spend for a whole new set of proc + mobo + ram to extract most out of my hd 6850. So, i was thinking of buying a used one p35 or p43 chipset motherboard. I...
  6. jeffrain123

    Mobo below 3k

    I need a mobo 4 my e6300. It should be overclockable & have integrated graphics.

    Xfx8500 Gt

    Hi Guys Selling a 2 months old 8500GT Overclocked Silent Edition. Model-PV-T86J-UAHG Memory-256MB supported up to 512MB DDR2 CORE-500 (overclockable to 702mhz) Shader-1026 (overclockable to 1512mhz) Memory -666 MHZ (but actually memory chips are of 800 mhz-the code of chips says 2.5 ns...
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